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Tag: Reserve Reform

Department of the Air Force releases reports on Racial Disparity Review update, second disparity review
September 13, 2021

Air Force releases cardio and strength fitness assessment alternatives, new online capabilities
July 2, 2021

Austin says NATO, U.S. Forces will leave Afghanistan, continue support to Afghan forces
April 15, 2021

Air Force PT test pushed to July, more updates forthcoming
March 6, 2021

Air Force rolls out GO Inspire program to increase diversity, attract future leaders
January 6, 2021

MTI recruiter swaps campaign cover for RED HORSE cap
October 27, 2020

'The Air Force Starts Here' podcast highlights AFCLC Language, Regional Expertise and Culture Symposium
September 28, 2020

Total force basic trainees part of Air Force Reserve history
June 26, 2020

23rd Intelligence Squadron conducts first-ever virtual PAI training
June 26, 2020

Get MyPers access anywhere, anytime, from any device
April 14, 2020