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The mission of the JBSA Fire Emergency Services organization is to provide fire prevention, structural firefighting, technical rescue, hazardous materials response, aircraft rescue firefighting, and emergency medical services to prevent the loss of life, property and the environment for all JBSA locations.

Contact your location's fire station for more information and safety tips.

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Message from the Fire Chief
Joint Base San Antonio Fire Emergency Services is completely committed to providing world-class firefighting, technical rescue, emergency medical services, hazardous materials response, fire inspections, and public fire & life safety education.
Every single day, the men and women of JBSA Fire Emergency Services wake up to serve and protect tens of thousands of visitors in addition to the 85,000 service members, civilians, contractors, and family members who live and work on this amazing installation.
Every firefighter does their best to live by our motto: "Protecting the Bravest Armed Forces and their Families Every Day!" Joint Base San Antonio has a tremendous history, with its lineage stretching back nearly to the beginning of Texas as a State.
We are humbled and proud to be an integral part of this continuing success and look forward to the challenges the future brings to JBSA and this great Fire Emergency Services organization.
Did you know?

Knowledge is Power!  

The Fire Emergency Services “Coffee Break”

The sharing of knowledge and keeping up with technology is important to all jobs.  It’s absolutely essential that fire fighters keep up with always changing situations. 

One of our top performers invests time to create a product shared with the entire department. 
Researching all sorts of different topics the “Coffee Break” is never the same and everyone can learn something from every publication.  Easily shared by email it’s a fantastic tool that instructors can use to support recurring training on everything from installed fire detection systems to newly published nationally recognized standards is extremely.  It can also have a direct impact on firefighter safety.  With the changes in building construction materials over the years, how fire behaves now can be much different than it used to be when many structures were built primarily with wood.  What the firefighter can expect to see and more importantly be prepared to deal with is critical. 

The “Coffee Break” is a creative way to share information at no cost and continues to prove that Knowledge is Power

Fire Safety Tips
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