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JBSA-Randolph Visitor Access Procedures

According to JSFOI 31-1131 Installation Access, in order to enter JBSA-Randolph. All sponsors must complete the JBSANANTONIO Form 7, Unescorted Access Request (UAR) to sponsor visitors onto the installation. This document is an “all-in-one” request. Sponsors will submit this document via email to the Visitor Control Center.

Requesting access to any location within JBSA for unaffiliated personnel who are not expected to be under full-time escort. It may be used to request a DBIDS card or pass, for a one or multiple-day event. The following information will be provided for each visitor: sponsors information, proposed dates of visit, installation/facility to be visited, the purpose of visit, visitor’s name, date of birth, country of birth, identification type and state or country of issue. 

The document may be obtained on Air Force e-publishing.

Large commercial vehicles (3 axles or more) are required to process through the Commercial Vehicle Inspection Point located on Lower Seguin Road.

Media and official tours must contact the 502nd Air Base Wing Public Affairs office for access coordination. Please call 210-652-4410 to do so. Entry will not be authorized without prior notification and escort assignment.

An information recording is provided at 210-652-3939.

The 502nd Security Forces Group has installed new kiosks that will further reduce the health risks during customer check-in when requesting base access.  See the article titled JBSA Security Forces install base access kiosks to enhance social distancing efforts for detailed information.

The URL for the kiosk at JBSA-Randolph is 

Weapons Policy

Personnel must notify the entry controller that they have a privately owned weapon and where they intend on transporting it.

Weapons registration is handled by the security forces armory, located at building 235, next to the commissary. All people living in the base enlisted dormitories, visiting officers and enlisted quarters or temporary lodging facilities are required to register and store privately owned weapons at the armory as soon as they arrive on station.

People living in base housing may retain their privately owned weapons in their quarters once registered with the armory.

People may only transport privately owned weapons on JBSA-Randolph when driving to and from the security forces armory for storage or their residence in base family housing.

For more information, contact the armory at 210-652-4365.

Contact Information
Visitor Center Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday - 7 a.m.-4 p.m.

Closed - Federal Holidays

Weekends - South: Closed, Lindsey Gate: Open

VCC Priority
  1. Patients with appointments
  2. Contractors with active contracts
  3. All others