Strengthening the BODY, MIND & SPIRIT

Due to COVID-19 and in accordance with current health guidelines, the VRC is currently unable to offer in-person services, however, we are still here to assist. Classes, workshops, one-on-one appointments and general information are offered through a variety of virtual platforms during our normal business hours.

Family Life Program
Parenting, marriage, leadership, team building, anger, stress, communication and other life skills.
(210) 221-0349

June 2020 Virtual Class Schedule

Army Wellness Center
Health assessments, wellness education, physical fitness, weight control, stress management, biofeedback, unit assessments.
(210) 539-1254
Virtual Health Coaching Options

Military and Family Life Counselor
Non-medical, off-the-record counseling for relationships, parenting, conflict resolution, and military lifestyle issues.
(210) 672-0529
Virtual Counseling Available

Nutrition Coaching
Nutrition classes, nutrition therapy, healthy life-style courses, injury and illness prevention.
(210) 808-2232 or (210) 808-3609

Virtual Health Classes, Summer 2020

What we do

The Vogel Resiliency Center provides health and wellness programs for the Joint Base San Antonio community. We empower individuals, families and organizations by exploring mind, body and spirit lifestyle changes.

We serve
  • Active Duty
  • Dependents
  • Retirees
  • Department of Defense Civilian Employees
  • Guard
  • Reserve

Resiliency Kitchen
Hands-on culinary experience to enhance resiliency and life skills in support of epic well-being. Email to receive information and invitations to classes.

Personal Finance Counseling
Budgeting, goal setting, credit/debt management, home & car buying, investing.
(210) 243-3752
Virtual Counseling Available

Family Life Chaplain
Marriage, family and personal counseling, holistic care, referral and religious support.
(210) 808-0541 and 221-9445

Virtual Counseling Available

How we help

The VRC is a team of experts from multiple agencies working together to empower you to become a healthier you. 



Contact Information

Address: 2490 Stanley Road, building 367, Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234
Phone: (210) 539-1281 or (210) 539-1282

Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Ready & Resilient Performance Center
Achieve personal readiness and optimize performance at work, during healing, or managing home life.
(210) 808-0086 and 808-0089

Yoga Studio
Yoga, mindfulness and stress reduction. No experience necessary, classes are adaptive and inclusive. Come join us any of the following days:
Monday: 10 a.m.
Thursday: 10 a.m. and noon
Friday: noon
(704) 962-0771 or email

Public Health Nursing
Community assessments, tobacco cessation champion, health education/prevention, health threat investigations.
(210) 916-7646

All services are non-fee.