Environmental Information
As the largest base organization in the Department of Defense, Joint Base San Antonio comprises multiple military locations including JBSA-Lackland, JBSA-Fort Sam Houston and JBSA-Randolph. As stewards of our environment, we are committed to keeping our community informed of local environmental policies and issues, and of our efforts toward making a greener military. For more information, click here.

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Energy Awareness
Consumer Confidence Report

The Consumer Confidence Report, or CCR, is an annual report that summarizes the quality of the drinking water provided to our customers and is conducted in accordance with EPA requirements.

CCR Documents
JBSA Info for Home Buyers

Joint Base San Antonio publishes information for potential home buyers in the area in the form of Air Installations Compatible Use Zones (AICUZ) Studies and Joint Land Use Studies (JLUS).

The most recent versions of the documents are consolidated by the Alamo Area Council of Governments.

JBSA Environmental Documents
Public Notices

As a member of the San Antonio community, JBSA strives to keep the community informed of current environmental issues. Here, you'll find current public notifications, including announcements and restoration advisory board updates.

JBSA Water Conservation


For more information please contact the JBSA Water Conservation Manager at 210-295-7576 or archie.cooper.1@us.af.mil. All voicemails and emails must be titled “Water Restrictions,” and must also include address/location and contact information within the body of the reporting email and/or voicemail.

JBSA Floodplain Actions


CTA Medio Creek Sewer Line Replacement

The U.S. Air Force (USAF) is inviting public input on any practicable alternatives for a proposed activity within the 100-year floodplain at Joint Base San Antonio-Chapman Training Annex (JBSA-CTA), Texas.  The Proposed Action involves repairing by replacing 40 linear feet of sanitary sewer line. The work will be conducted by American Water for the 802 Civil Engineer Squadron.  The project will support efforts to upgrade JBSA’s utility lines and prevent sewer leaks and spills.  The sewer line is located in a 100-year floodplain associated with Medio Creek, which is a tributary to Medina River.  There will be no modification to existing contours and there will be minimal excavation.  Rip rap will be added on the bank to prevent erosion around the sewer line.

The USAF is performing environmental analysis in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act to analyze the potential environmental impacts of the Proposed Action. This early public notice is required by Executive Order 11988 and has been prepared and made available to the public by the USAF in accordance with 32 CFR 989 and Air Force Manual 32-7003 for actions proposed within the 100-year floodplain.

Address written comments to the USAF 802 CES/CEIE, ATTN: NEPA Program Manager 1555 Gott Street, JBSA-Lackland, TX 78236, or via email: 802CES.CEIE.NEPATeam@us.af.mil, or via phone: (210) 671 5320.