502D Air Base Wing Small Business Program

The 502d Contracting Squadron is made up of three contracting locations that provide contracting support for Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA), which is supported by the 502d Air Base Wing (502 ABW). The 502d Contracting Squadron's mission is to provide installation contracting support to the 502 Air Base Wing and 266 mission partners located among JBSA-Ft Sam Houston, JBSA-Lackland, and JBSA-Randolph with timely, quality acquisitions while complying with all laws and regulations.

MISSION - Direct, manage, and oversee the Air Force Small Business Program to ensure maximum practicable SB opportunities in our acquisitions, including advocating strategies in requirements and acquisition processes, and through Industry outreach, seeking SB capability for Air Force needs and priorities.

VISION - Create a culture that values the benefits of increased small (SB) and competition to enhance the industrial base and deliver SB capability to Air Force decision-makers, ensuring warfighter needs are met.


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Air Force Office of the Small Business Programs

The Air Force Office of the Small Business Programs provides guidance, training and innovative, quality solutions for Air Force acquisition professionals to maximize opportunities for small businesses.

What We Buy

1.  Installation Acquisition Flight. Supports all organizations, supported partners, and tenant units. Accomplishes acquisition and management of all installation services and supplies, to include 502 ABW, 59th Medical Wing, Medical Education and Training Campus Support, community services, housing maintenance, human resources, information technology, environmental servies,, logistics operational mission services (food services, linen, etc.), legal assistance and chaplain services.

2.  Infrastructure Acquisition Flight. Supports Civil Engineering with service, commodities and construction in maintaining base infrastructure. Awards and manages contracts such as construction, demolitions, renovations, alterations, grounds maintnenace, custodial services, architect and engineering and Simplified Acquisition of Base Engineering Requirements (SABER) constructions.

3.  Plans and Programs. Focal point for the multifunctional teams, Government Purchase Card program, management and oversight of acquisition of services processes, policy assistance, Quality Assurance Program, Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request processing, congressional inquiries, protests, and Freedom of Informaion Act.

Doing Business with the Federal Government?

1.  Obtain a Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number at www.dnb.com, or 1-800-333- 0505.

2.  Determine appropriate six-digit North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code and four-digit Federal Supply Class or Services (FSC/SVC). Information is available at www.census.gov/epcd/www/naics.html and www.drms.mil/asset/fsclist.html.

3. Register in www.sam.gov, SAM Registration is mandatory and must be reviewed annually.

4. Obtain a Contractor and Government Entity (CAGE) code. Your CAGE code will be provided when you register in CCR or at www.dlis.dla.mil/cageserv.asp. You may also call 1-888-352-9333.

5. Bonds-payment and performance (construction).

6. Good past performance.

How We Buy

1.  Full and open competition (unrestricted)

2.  Small business set-asides (100-percent smallbusiness, 8(a) program, Historically Underutilized Business Zone, Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Business, Women Owned

3.   Mandatory sources (SourceAmerica, National Institute for the Blind & National Institute for the Severely Handicapped, Federal Prison Industries, etc.)

4.   Through other government agencies (General Services Administration, Army Corps of Engineers, Defense Logistics Agency, Department of Energy, etc.)

5.   Air Force wide (or Strategic Sources) Contracts

6.   Government purchase card program

Acquisition Process at Joint Base San Antonio

The 502d Contracting squadron does not own or generate any of the requirements for supplies or services necessary to support the Joint Base. Our internal customers develop requirements based on a bona fide need and submit them to the contracting office for procurement.

Below are the basic steps used in soliciting and awarding a contract:

1 - The contracting office receives the requirement from our customers.

2 - The contracting office posts a synopsis of the requirement. These are typically posted on www.fbo.gov, however purchases from Federal Supply Schedules are posted on E-Buy/GSA Advantage

3 - The contracting office evaluates all properly received proposals and makes a selection in accordance with the terms stated in the solicitation. Contracting personnel will use Best Value Source Selection methods; low bid methods are not used.

4 - The contract is awarded and administered.

You may also view the procurement forecast on the Air Force small business website at www.AirForceSmallBiz.org (LRAE link)

Unless otherwise authorized by statute or regulation, all contracts are awarded on a competitive basis. Interested vendors should monitor FBO, GSA and other websites regularly for procurement opportunities.  Marketing directly to contracting buyers, contracting officers or the technical personnel will not improve your chances for contract award.

Government Purchase Card Program

A significant portion of the supplies and services procured for the joint base are purchased using the government purchase card. Hundreds of government credit card holders at the joint base are authorized to buy products and services within the micro-purchase threshold.

Products: Not to exceed $3,500
Services: Not to exceed $2,500 
Construction: Not to exceed $2,000 
Purchases under Federal Supply Schedule: Not to exceed $25,000

The Roadmap to First Contract

Determine who your customers are and concentrate your marketing efforts on them. Be proactive and aggressive: monitor FBO, GSA and other websites regularly and respond timely. Know what you are bidding on; familiarize yourself with the solicitation/specification before submitting a proposal. Be determined and persistent; it may take some time before you get your first contract. Consider Teaming/Joint Venture Agreements and subcontracting opportunities. Be competitive and safeguard your reputation - your past performance is the key to doing business with the government.

Points of Contact

502d Contracting Squadron/Small Business Specialist: 502CONS.ASK.SB@us.af.mil

1655 Selfridge Ave.
JBSA Lackland AFB, TX 78236

- SAM registration must be completed prior to requesting a meeting.

- Request for capability briefings must be submitted via e-mail with a capabilities statement attached. You will be contacted to schedule a meeting upon the next availability.

- Assistance with SAM registration can be provided by your area PTAC:

Helpful Websites

The System for Award Management (SAM)

- Vendors are able to log into one system to manage their information
- SAM Includes capabilities of:
-- Central Contractor Registration (CCR)/Federal Agency Registration (FedReg): You must be registered to do business with the federal government
-- Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA): Representation and certification required for each solicitation

Data Universal Numbering
System (DUNS)

- Obtain a DUNS & Bradstreet number

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code
- Obtain the appropriate NAICS code to identify your business

- Procurement opportunities, sources sought notices, synopsis of contract award, etc. Search "FA3016 DODAAC"

GSA Advantage
- Procurement opportunities for contractors with Federal Supply Schedule

Air Force Small Business Website
- Long Range Acquisition Estimates - Link to locate procurement opportunities throughout the Air Force

Small Business Administration

DoD Procurement Technical Center (PTAC)
- Provide assistance to small businesses with bid matching, marketing to the federal, state and local governments, etc.

Federal Procurement Data System - Next Generation (FPDS-NG)
- Provides visibility and transparency into all federal contracts with commercial suppliers