The Joint Base San Antonio Qualified Recycling Program, or QRP, is operated by the 802nd Civil Engineer Squadron, which manages the business side and the 502nd Civil Engineer Squadron, which manages the operations side. The overall responsibility for the program falls under the 802nd CES.

JBSA Facility Managers are the focal points for the JBSA Qualified Recycling Program. They facilitate and promote recycling in work areas, keep areas clutter free, and ensure Life Safety Aspects (fire and egress) are not impacted.


The mission of the Joint Base San Antonio Qualified Recycling Program, or JBSA QRP, is to protect human health and the environment, conserve natural resources, and promote recycling, an essential part of the U.S. federal government’s overall environmental initiative to reduce the environmental impact of and amount of waste generated by the U.S. military services.

The QRP’s goal is to encourage the base populace to serve as responsible stewards of the environment, by diverting solid waste from the landfills through the implementation of waste minimization practices such as reducing, reusing, and recycling materials, in order to ensure a safe, healthy and sustainable nation for current and future generations.

The QRP will assist the base populace in diverting from landfills municipal solid waste and construction and demolition waste generated at JBSA in order to:

  • Economically manage a self-supporting recycling program;
  • Effectively reduce, reuse and recycle solid waste to the maximum extent possible to facilitate Air Force /Department of Defense objectives such as diversion goals;
  • Provide comprehensive diversion services to JBSA, including awareness, collection of recyclable materials, and data collection;
  • Protect human health and the environment; and
  • Comply with applicable federal, state, local and Air Force regulatory requirements.

Recycling Center Closure Notice
All JBSA Recycle Centers will be closed on Thursday, Nov. 10 and Friday, Nov. 11 so our employees can join their colleagues at the 502nd ABW Beast Building Day and commemorate Veterans Day.  Recycle Centers will reopen Monday, Nov. 14. If you need to arrange a pick-up of recycling bins, please contact your facility manager or your recycle center at JBSA-Lackland and JBSA-Chapman Training Annex at 210-671-4800; at JBSA-Randolph at 210-889-1282; or at JBSA-Fort Sam Houston and JBSA-Camp Bullis at 210-221-4888.

Recycling Roundup Tips

  • Halloween recycling reminders:  BEWARE – candy wrappers are NOT recyclable, and candy can stick to, melt on, and ruin the value of the recyclables in your bin. Questions?  Contact your JBSA QRP!

  • It's Fall, Y'all!  And football season! Please keep paper plates & cups, takeout cups/lids/straws, plastic utensils, candy/chip/snack bags, and plastic bags/case wraps OUT of your JBSA Recycling carts. Please DO put your paper, cardboard, ink/toner cartridges, aluminum cans, and plastic bottles and jugs (#1 & #2) in the Recycling carts!  Questions?  Call the Qualified Recycling Program at 210-671-4800 or 210-671-5371, email them at 802CES.CEIE.Recycling@us.af.mil, or find them online at https://www.jbsa.mil/Resources/Environmental/Qualified-Recycling-Program/ or www.Facebook.com/qrp.jbsa. Thank you for RECYCLING RIGHT @ JBSA!  

  • DYK?  Participation in JBSA’s recycling program is mandatory.  The JBSA Qualified Recycling Program accepts clean, empty and dry recyclables including plastic bottles and jugs (plastics #1 and #2), aluminum cans, corrugated cardboard & paperboard (please flatten boxes), paper, scrap metal, wood pallets, and ink & toner cartridges.  Item types must be separated into their respective carts (not mixed together). Contact your Facility Manager for recycling locations in your building, and contact the QRP with any other recycling questions.

  • How recycling @ JBSA works: (1) You put empty, clean and dry recyclables in the appropriate bins; (2) Bins go to recycle centers; (3) All commodities are baled separately for sale; (4) Sales proceeds fund equipment repairs & purchases, operating supplies, safety equipment and PPE for Recycle Center employees!  ****  More trash = increased landfill disposal fees  ****  More clean recycling = better-funded program ($$)  ****  Questions about what can/cannot be recycled @ JBSA? Contact your Qualified Recycling Program!

  • Contamination & Wish-Cycling: Contamination is (1) anything put in a recycling cart that is not accepted by the recycling program and (2) mixing accepted items within one cart.  Wish-cycling is tossing something in a recycling bin hoping it will be recycled (when the recycling program can’t recycle it).  Common contaminants/wish-cycled items at JBSA include shredded paper (loose or bagged), case wrap from flats of plastic bottles, food containers/to go boxes, frozen food boxes, and plastic bags.  Let’s keep these out of our recycling carts!  Questions about what can/cannot be recycled @ JBSA?  See the attached flyers or contact your Qualified Recycling Program.

  • DYK?  Recycling on-base @ JBSA is different than recycling off-base!  Off base, it’s generally okay to put all the recyclables in one cart. On base, your recycle centers need you to SEPARATE clean, empty, dry recyclables into different carts for proper collection, baling, and sale to end-market recyclers. If your facility needs more recycling carts, please talk to your Facility Manager or call your recycle center:  FSH & BUL – 210-221-4888; LAK & CTA – 210-671-4800; RND – 210-889-1282.  (For on-base residential recycling, please refer to recycling instructions from your housing office or trash & recycling service provider.)  Thank you for supporting the JBSA QRP by Recycling Right!  

    Roll-off & Dumpster Etiquette Tips A Roll-Off container is a large metal container with no top and no lid, and can be any color. They are larger than the small trash dumpsters, which have lids. The smaller trash dumpsters with lids are primarily for bagged office trash and nothing else.  Specifically, WOOD items (pallets/lumber/fencing/etc.) DO NOT belong in any smaller trash dumpsters. 

  •  NO items from on-base housing or ANY location off-base are to be placed in ANY roll-off or dumpster at JBSA. PERSONAL furniture needing discarded is NOT allowed in ANY government disposal container. Government furniture needing to be discarded can only be discarded once approved by the DLA Disposition Services office (formerly DRMO). If approved, it can only be placed in a government-owned roll-off, NOT in a small trash dumpster.  If it is metal furniture, please take it to your Recycle Center. 

  • The roll-offs on JBSA are ONLY for government scrap metals, government construction/demolition/wood project wastes, or government green waste/yard waste. 

  • Green waste roll-offs are for brush, grass, leaves, mulch, and tree branches 4” or less in diameter.  Green waste roll-offs are NOT for plastic trash bags, soda cans, plastic bottles, other recyclable materials, hazardous materials or their containers, any kind of refuse/trash, soil, or rocks.  Green waste roll-offs are located at: JBSA-Randolph at buildings 1051 and 1350; JBSA-Fort Sam Houston FSH at buildings 3100 & B4197; JBSA-Lackland at buildings 7535 & Range Road, near building 8670.

  • Please refrain from throwing the above-mentioned trash items in green waste roll-offs!  When we do, the contents become contaminated, and compost & mulch facilities in San Antonio will not accept them.  This means the entire roll-off goes to the landfill, wasting good efforts and increasing expense to the government. 

If you have government material to discard and you’re not quite sure where it should go, please call the Qualified Recycling Program at 210-671-4800 or 210-671-5371; or the solid waste Contract Officer Representatives at JBSA-Lackland at 210-671-7219, at JBSA-Fort Sam Houston and JBSA Camp Bullis at 210-221-5500, at JBSA-Randolph at 210-652-1346.