Welcome To The Family

Welcome to the Family 11-13-23

What It's About

“Welcome to the Family,” an on-line orientation course, is designed to ensure you have a successful transition into the military lifestyle.

Originally created for Basic Military Training and Technical school spouses, this course will benefit all new military spouses and future spouses.

Our goal is to educate, equip, and encourage new and future military spouses on basic military processes, benefits, and entitlements.

As a military spouse, you should never feel left behind, and this class is designed to introduce you into your wonderful new community.

Weekly registration is required. Click HERE for the Zoom registration link.

2024 Class Schedule:
The 2024 class schedule can be found HERE.

Benefits of the class:

  • A pleasant space for you to learn and ask questions alongside others new to the military community.
  • Learn acronyms so you too can understand and speak the military language.
  • Receive healthcare information and contact details for TRICARE, vision, and dental.
  • Learn about service member’s pay and possible entitlements.
  • Learn about AWESOME resources, benefits, and services offered to you for FREE.
  • Understand the importance for saving money for your upcoming PCS.
  • You will learn how to prepare for relocating and tips to make your transition into military life less confusing and overwhelming.
  • Prepare for your role in mission readiness!
  • Plus, you will learn things that your service member doesn’t even know yet!

When & Where

  • Held Mondays, 1-2 p.m. Central Time; excluding federal holidays and AETC family days.
  • Virtual class; Zoom Platform.
  • Weekly registration required.
  • One part taught each week.
  • A participant may join at any point; classes are independent of each other. Classes DO NOT have to be taken in order.
  • Q&A after each topic presented.

Four Parts

• Part 1: Getting Started -- DEERS, ID Cards, Healthcare
• Part 2: Important to Know -- Orders, EFMP Screener, Finances
• Part 3: Help! We’re Moving -- Relocation, Housing, Childcare, Helpful Apps
• Part 4: You’re Not Alone! -- M&FRC, Five & Thrive

Points Of Contact

For more information and questions regarding registration, call 210-671-5406 or 210-671-1012 or email 802fss.fsh.welcometothefamily@us.af.mil.

Military and Family Readiness

For more information about Military and Family Readiness, click HERE.