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IAAFA team renovates Leadership Reaction Course Complex
November 16, 2022

IAAFA leaders visit Paraguay in strategic visit
October 14, 2022

U.S., partner nation students graduate during IAAFA training cycle
September 1, 2022

IAAFA implements Women, Peace, and Security into curriculum
September 1, 2022

Paraguayan general, former IAAFA graduate serves as example of Security Cooperation
September 1, 2022

IAAFA takes professional military education courses to Colombia
August 9, 2022

IAAFA hosts Jamaican Defence Force members at seminar at IAAFA
June 28, 2022

Operation Junior Expedition Team gives kids chance to learn, relate to military experience
June 27, 2022

Military students from eight partner nations, U.S. graduate from IAAFA
May 16, 2022

IAAFA professional military education center garners top Air Force award
May 16, 2022

37th Training Wing announces first quarter award winners
May 9, 2022

IAAFA celebrates 79 years, unveils heritage wall
April 8, 2022

IAAFA Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance course gets update
April 6, 2022

37th Training Wing names 2021 annual awards winners
March 9, 2022

IAAFA moves to implement Women, Peace, and Security initiatives across academy
February 28, 2022

First Spanish-language SNCO course at IAAFA fills partner nation need
January 6, 2022

Partner nation, U.S. students graduate IAAFA’s largest training cycle in nearly 2 years
January 3, 2022

IAAFA takes security cooperation mission to Colombia
November 18, 2021

IAAFA instructor participates in Army Jungle Operations course, brings experience to partner nation students
November 17, 2021

IAAFA program acts as force multiplier and security cooperation tool
November 3, 2021