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DOD: Battlespace awareness is a top priority
May 24, 2024
A man in a dress military uniform stands on a stage talking and gesturing with both his hands.

Senior leaders discuss future of special warfare at annual convention
May 9, 2024
A man in a camouflage military uniform with two stars on the chest sits on a chair looking off screen while gesturing with his hands.

Good cyber hygiene can impede adversary meddling in U.S. infrastructure
May 3, 2024
A man looks down on a computer screen that displays zeros and ones and a padlock.

DOD needs competitive, innovative, robust defense industrial base
May 2, 2024
In a large, brightly-lit facility with blue- and yellow-colored scaffolding, military aircraft are lined up in varying states of assembly.

CSAF: DOD FY25 budget request aligns with message to Joint Force
April 10, 2024
A smiling man in military dress uniform sits with a microphone in front of him.

Air Force Chief of Staff focuses on threats, empowering Airmen who defend against them
April 1, 2024
A man in a uniform gestures as he speaks.

Promising experiment signals future integration of advanced tech into Army units
March 25, 2024
A soldier crouches in a desert area and prepares a human machine integration device with bushes scattered in the background.

DOD harnesses science, technology to counter adversaries
January 31, 2024
A graphic depicts an atom.

Military Health System stabilization: Rebuilding health care access critical to patient's well-being
January 23, 2024
A uniformed service member adjusts vision testing equipment on another uniformed service member.

Space policy official details approach to maintaining U.S. edge
January 18, 2024
A rocket soars into the night sky.

DOD releases first National Defense Industrial Strategy
January 16, 2024
A man stands near a manufacturing machine.

DOD increases AI capacity through strategy, alignment
January 10, 2024
A graphic depicts a human hand shaking a robot hand.

Defense Department taking action with Warfighter Brain Health Initiative
December 20, 2023
A service member fires a weapon while another service member, wearing hearing protection, looks on.

Nations meet to address space security
December 11, 2023
A rocket launches into space.

U.S. endorses responsible AI measures for global militaries
November 22, 2023
Ground robot moves through sand.

DOD: Countering unmanned aerial system attacks a priority
November 15, 2023
A service member throws a drone into the air.

DOD releases AI adoption strategy
November 3, 2023
A graphic depicts a human hand shaking a robot hand.

New SEAC stresses need to accelerate change in military
November 3, 2023
A man in a uniform addresses a classroom.

DOD Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Office launches new reporting tool
November 1, 2023
An aerial photo of the Pentagon and surrounding buildings.

Navy shares best cybersecurity practices
October 19, 2023