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Service members can now sign up for tax-free Dependent Care Spending Accounts
November 16, 2023
A service member interacts with his children who are seated on playground equipment.

Hicks calls on civilian, military leaders to preserve success of all-volunteer force
November 8, 2023
: Soldiers in uniform salute while standing in formation.

Retiring SEAC calls on Americans to support service members
November 6, 2023
A seated uniformed service member smiles.

Military well prepared for civilian transition, official says
October 19, 2023
Marines stand in formation.

DOD to upgrade discharges from 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy 
September 21, 2023
A woman speaks before a crowd of people.

DOD highlights 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' resources
September 20, 2023
A photo shows a five-sided building.

DOD hosts childcare summit to give military families, providers voice
September 18, 2023
A man holds a microphone on stage with a picture of a crawling child displayed behind him.

Deputy Defense Secretary underscores DOD's commitment to suicide prevention
September 7, 2023
A sign on a strip of grass

Big changes coming to improve PCS process: Pet reimbursements will rise, one company handling all moves
August 21, 2023
A soldier places his pet dog in  the car.

Secretary of Defense praises outgoing Army Chief of Staff
August 7, 2023
Two men and a woman stand and talk; a large crowd is in the background.

Executive order changes how military handles sexual assaults
August 2, 2023
A wooden gavel and a large red book titled "Manual for Courts-Martial United States" are in front of a U.S. flag.

Chairman nominee would accelerate change in U.S. military to maintain deterrence
July 13, 2023
Two men in military uniforms shake hands.

Army chief nominee cites warfighting, recruiting as top priorities
July 13, 2023
Two men sit next to each other outdoors and talk.

DOD Issues Exceptional Family Member Program policy
June 26, 2023
Mother and son interact.

In 75 years since Women's Armed Services Integration Act, female service members have excelled
June 14, 2023
Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III speaks at a lectern with the DOD seal.

Biden moves to improve opportunities for military spouses
June 12, 2023
A man sits at a small table and signs a document. Behind him are a U.S. flag and dozens of people dressed in both military uniforms and civilian clothing.

Austin says qualified patriots, including LGBTQ+, bolster defense
June 8, 2023
A graphic of people in military uniform with streams of color behind them illustrates the Pride theme.

Back on track: DOD fellowship guides military spouse's workforce return
May 25, 2023
A family of five poses in front of a hillside.

Austin: Service to Nation is highest calling
May 16, 2023
Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III delivers remarks.

Brandon Act aims to improve mental health support
May 8, 2023
A photo shows a young man wearing athletic clothes.