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Avionics Airman returns to EAA AirVenture to inspire next generation
August 7, 2021

Air Force Recruiting kicks off Special Warfare summer surge
August 3, 2021

Pilots leaving active duty have safe landing place in Reserve, Guard
July 21, 2021

Air Force recruiting seeks to broaden applicant pool to find best and brightest
May 25, 2021

Air Force Recruiting releases Total Force Marketing Management Tool
March 18, 2021

AETC taking deliberate action focused on diversity, inclusion for recruits, Airmen
March 7, 2021

Air Force recruiting first to have chief medical officer in charge of waivers
March 4, 2021

Air Force Total Force recruiting team works Super Bowl LV in Tampa
February 18, 2021

Air Force recruiting launches E.C.H.O. to test cognitive skills
January 27, 2021

The power of Total Force recruiting
January 13, 2021

Air Force rolls out GO Inspire program to increase diversity, attract future leaders
January 6, 2021

Air Force Recruiting Service working on enhanced tools for job counseling
December 31, 2020

Air Force recruiting innovates to save money, time
December 21, 2020

AFRS hosts 'Pathway to Wings' brief Dec. 21
December 3, 2020

AFRS hosts first Space Force officer selection board
November 25, 2020

Air Force Recruiting Service training team wins AETC Gears of Government Award
October 24, 2020

TEAM aims to tackle equality issues within Air Force Recruiting Service
October 7, 2020

Air Force Recruiting’s Det. 1 celebrates two years of mentoring youth, addressing rated diversity
October 5, 2020

Air Force Recruiting makes goal for FY20
October 5, 2020

AFRS hosts 'Pathway to Wings' brief Oct. 7
October 1, 2020