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DOD issues guidance on plans to counter extremist activity in the force
December 27, 2021

Defense Secretary looks to alleviate financial harm the pandemic caused military families
November 19, 2021

Secretary of Defense has authority to order mandatory COVID-19 shots
November 16, 2021

Following report, DOD to redouble suicide prevention efforts
October 1, 2021

DOD leaders address Bagram departure, noncombatant evacuation operation timing
September 30, 2021

Defense Department outlines strategy to thwart sexual assault in military
September 23, 2021

Services will make call on religious exemptions to COVID-19 vaccines
August 12, 2021

Biden to approve SECDEF's request to make COVID-19 vaccine mandatory
August 10, 2021

SECDEF seeks presidential approval for mandatory troop vaccinations by mid-September
August 9, 2021

Austin approves plan to transfer authority, retrograde should be done by end of August
July 6, 2021

Sexual assaults will no longer be prosecuted by commanders
July 6, 2021

Defense Secretary: 'No one should have to hide who they love to serve the country they love'
June 10, 2021

DOD budget request boosts research, nuclear modernization, includes 2.7% pay raise
May 28, 2021

Defense leaders to discuss sex assault review commission recommendation
May 7, 2021

Austin says NATO, U.S. Forces will leave Afghanistan, continue support to Afghan forces
April 15, 2021

Commission soon to begin examining problem of sexual assault in military
February 23, 2021

Secretary of Defense orders military stand down to address challenge of extremism in the ranks
February 4, 2021

Biden administration overturns transgender exclusion policy
January 26, 2021

New Defense Secretary arrives at Pentagon, convenes COVID meeting
January 22, 2021

Air Force Thunderbirds honor San Antonio in Operation America Strong flyover
May 14, 2020