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BAMC Troop Command Soldiers help guide students at career fair

| BAMC Public Affairs | Oct. 19, 2016


Brooke Army Medical Center’s Troop Command’s Company C and Robert G. Cole Middle and High schools held a college and career fair Oct. 7 as part of their Adopt-A-School partnership.


The fair began a few years ago to encourage high school seniors to apply for college and think about their futures. It has since morphed into a guide for the kids to learn about a variety of career paths and different professions they may be interested in pursuing in the future.


Capt. Allison Ferro, BAMC Troop Command Company C commander, was excited to be asked to help the schools organize the career day events.


“I helped organize volunteers from professions that the students chose based on a student survey, and recruited both military and civilian professionals in careers such as biochemistry, nursing, legal, veterinary science, and engineering” Ferro said. “I was overwhelmed with responses from volunteers who wanted the chance to participate in career day.”


The high school students also received information about college preparation.


Christina Baker, district academic dean and campus testing coordinator, said the school is now focused on having the kids speak to people in the field actually doing that work to help them determine if that’s the route they want to take.


“The kids love it and they get so excited because it’s a day where they can focus on what they like and what they want to do,” Baker said. “It makes them really happy when they can talk to those non-school people and find out what reality is like. It makes it more real for them.”


Ferro said she was happy to get the opportunity to speak to students about nursing as a career. “The event was an eye-opening experience.”