Public Affairs puts operational actions into context; facilitates the development of informed perceptions about our operations; helps undermine adversarial propaganda efforts; and contributes to the achievement of national, strategic, and operational objectives.

Our mission is to provide trusted counsel to leaders; build, maintain, and strengthen morale and readiness; enhance public trust and support; and achieve global influence and deterrence. 

We provide visual information support (photo, video, graphics), media support, and community relations support. We maintain the website and the JBSA social media accounts.

Photo Studio - Official Photos

Photo Prints

Official portraits are for JBSA members only and appointment only.

Members Authorized for Official Photography: Currently, we only schedule appointments for OSI & CID agents, JAG, Chaplains, Technical School Instructors, MTLs, MTIs, Drill Sergeants, and award winners (not nominees) at the Air Force Wing, Navy Command/Units, Marine Regiment/MAG/MEU, or Army Battalion level and above or certain special duty packages that have published regulation documentation/requirements. Additionally, we schedule for commanders with UCMJ authority who are on G-series orders, other leadership positions O-5/E-8 or GS-12 and above, superintendents, first sergeants, Navy CO and XO and portraits prior to a service members retirement.

All other requests must send an email to their assigned base PA office with justification for approval.

To schedule a studio appointment:
Click here to make an appointment
For questions about studio appointments:
Click here to send an email

Walk-ins are not permitted.

 *For official passports, an authorized passport agent from the base Passport Office must sign an AF833.

Photo Support


The photo lab provides a wide range of photographic services, studio, on-location and documentation and digital imaging.  Turnaround times vary with production requirements but most products are produced normally within three to five working days.

Award Ceremonies
Group Photos 
Event Photography 

If a photographer is unavailable for your event a small digital auto-focus self-help camera is available for official use, on a first-come first -served basis. The photo lab can process your events official photos. 

Social Media Resources
JBSA Installation Public Affairs Employment Plan
Video Support
Multimedia Video

The video services division provides documentary and production videos supporting operational, investigative, historical, senior leadership communication, mission awareness and news release.

Our services include:
Video Productions (Training, Educational, Service Announcements)
Video Documentation (Training, Educational, and one time occurrences)
Broadcast News Stories

Video services can be requested using an 
AF IMT 833.
Support for multi-base, command, service or DOD-wide use requires further documentation and higher approval. Guidance and assistance in this process will be provided to the requestor.
Graphic Support

Graphic Print

The Graphics staff provides expertise in original conceptions for all your graphics needs, and can also enhance customers' artwork.

Examples of desktop publishing services provided include:
Scan and copy photographic images and artwork
Transfer images electronically
Convert slide and images to various file formats (jpeg, tif, psd, eps, pcx, and gif)
Photo CD imaging--scan/write images, text, graphics to compact disc
Print images/graphics and photography from 2in. x 2in. to 40in. x 60in.

Graphic Self-Help Services

Retirement Certificates:
Certificate of Appreciation Template
Certificate of Service Template
Certificate Printer Set-up Instructions

Joint Base San Antonio Graphics:

JBSA-Fort Sam Houston: 210-221-5453
JBSA-Randolph: 210-652-4581

Contact Information
Submitting Requests

For multimedia requests, please complete AF Form 833, and email to

To submit an article suggestion, email to
To submit a marquee request, complete the Marquee Request Form, and email to


Mission Partner PA Offices

Although we are customer service oriented, there are limits to the products and services we can provide due to AFI 35-101, AFI 35-115, public law, and local policy.

  1. Souvenirs, personal gifts, mementos, scrapbooks, farewell gifts, office pictures and other items for personal use are unauthorized. Chain of command prints below Squadron Commander are not authorized.
  2. PA resources are not authorized to document farewell parties or social events unless certified as newsworthy or have historical value.
  3. PA resources are not authorized to create products used for entertainment during farewell parties or social events.
  4. Copyrighted materials cannot be reproduced without permission of the copyright holder, unless cleared in writing as "fair use" by the legal office.
  5. PA imagery is not altered IAW DODI 5040.05, Alteration of Official DOD imagery unless exempted.
  6. Use of PA for MWR programs and other activities that involve revenue generating activities is not authorized.