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Understanding ICE: how to make Interactive Customer Evaluation work for you

| 502nd Air Base Wing | Sept. 17, 2015

Joint Base San Antonio, Texas —

Customers who use services provided on Joint Base San Antonio, such as the bowling alleys, the ID card facilities, the child development facilities and many others, have been submitting complaints, compliments and suggestions for improvement via the Interactive Customer Evaluation, or ICE, system. This lets managers and leaders know what is working well throughout JBSA and should be continued, as well as what services provided on the installations could use improvement.

If you haven’t submitted an ICE comment yet, you are missing your chance to be the voice of major change for JBSA.

Submitting an ICE comment is quick, easy and can be done at any time from any computer or device with internet access at http://ice.disa.mil.

Want to make sure JBSA leadership hears your voice loud and clear? Here are some tips for making the most of your ICE comments:


Comment often

Try to comment on each and every service you use throughout JBSA. Whether you receive service at the gate, a childcare facility, the bowling alley or one of the numerous other services on JBSA we want to hear about your experience. 

Managers and leaders depend on constant feedback to continually improve services and best meet their customers’ needs. Since ICE comments take little time to submit, you can make a list of services you have used on the installation and submit them once a week, or submit them as you visit the service.


Don’t just complain … compliment!

Submit ICE comments when you receive great service, not just when you have a complaint. Doing this helps managers know what is working well and should be continued. It also helps managers and leaders give those employees who are providing great service the recognition they deserve.


Give the benefit of the doubt when commenting about employees and service

Everyone has a bad day now and then. Sometimes service providers are at the mercy of others to fix problems with their facilities. Maybe a service provider is short staffed due to circumstances out of their control. However, if you visit the same service numerous times and encounter the same issue repeatedly, it is probably time to submit an ICE comment.


Always give your name and contact info and request follow-up if you would like an update

There will probably be some situations when you won’t feel like giving your name, but rest assured that when you submit contact information, it is – per Department of Defense ICE Policy – not to be used for retaliation.

By giving your contact information and requesting a follow-up, you are telling management this is something important to you.

If you’re commenting on an issue you need help with, receiving follow-up ensures you get the help you need.

For example, if you submit an ICE comment regarding a problem with a travel voucher, but don’t leave contact information, management can’t look into your situation further or provide you a response or update concerning your situation.

If you are complaining about something less life changing – such as an area of grass you believe needs to be mowed or overflowing trash bins – you give the message to the reader that this is something you really want to see fixed.


If you don’t say something, others might not either and the problem will likely never be fixed

If everyone depends on someone else to speak up, managers and leaders may never become aware of an issue.

Managers should know what their employees are doing and what kind of service their organization is providing, but since they can’t be everywhere all the time, they rely on your help to know if something needs improvement.

By using these simple tips when submitting your ICE comment card, you can provide thorough feedback which can be critical in making changes in services provided to everyone at JBSA.

You can be the voice of change. For questions or more information about ICE, call 221-2543.