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How to effectively use ICE feedback

By Jeff D. Champagne | 502nd Air Base Wing Interactive Customer Evaluation Site Administrator/Program Manager | April 16, 2019


How do you feel when you receive feedback about the services you provide?

When our customers take a brief moment to provide us with positive feedback they may show thanks or appreciation and that feeling alone can make most of us feel warm and happy inside.

Naturally though, you are going to check your e-mail, social media or ICE feedback one day and you will experience the shock of negative feedback.

Instead of dwelling and allowing the comment to take over you, you should take a step back to understand where the customer or patient concerns are coming from. This is an excellent opportunity to turn this feedback into a positive experience.

Today, it is easy to find reviews and ratings from your happy customers via the Joint Base San Antonio ICE program. These reviews are advantageous to any organization. Feedback submitted by your customers may provide insight into a process that is not particularly working well or one that needs attention from management.

Customers provide valued feedback in hopes their voices will be heard. If you are not participating in the ICE program or using any method of customer feedback, your organization will miss out on the psychological factor of social proofing.

If your organization is low on testimonials and feedback, the Interactive Customer Evaluation, or ICE, program can provide a few strategic methods for helping you get a pulse on your organization. The ICE program also allows for organizational managers to tailor their organizations ICE questions. This allows for ICE managers to create specific targeted questions and provides management with that specific ICE data and feedback.

Unfortunately, negative reviews are out of your control.

If an organization receives a negative ICE comment, the respective ICE manager for that organization is required to investigate and notify their leadership for awareness. In most cases, people will not write you off if they read a negative review. Customers want to make sure you are bolstering a genuine and transparent organization.

When you respond to ICE comments, it gives you an opportunity to let your unhappy customers know their valued feedback has been received and that you are working diligently to mitigate or correct any issues or concerns they may have.

Using your customers ICE feedback and putting it to use shows that your organization is always listening to both the good and bad, to deliver the best possible customer experience at JBSA.

Are you ready to take your organizations customer experience to the next level? Join the team of more than 350 ICE service providers across Joint Base San Antonio. Take that first step towards improving your internal and external service.

For additional information, contact the JBSA ICE site administrator at 210-221-2543.