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NEWS | Oct. 25, 2018

MFLCs provide support and build resiliency

By 2nd Lt. Austen Jarboe 502nd Air Base Wing Public Affairs

In our professional military careers, it is easy to get caught up in presenting a perfectly manicured image to our peers and superiors. Nobody sounds “average” in a performance report or a quarterly awards package, and there is a pressure to maintain the perception that everything is in its place.

In reality, this is far from the truth. We often experience the full range of emotion as we live our lives and sometimes those feelings are not the most constructive. It takes a strong individual to find success in the profession of arms, and for some of us it can be hard to accept when negative thoughts and emotions begin to creep into our daily routines.

However, if we can do the hard work of accepting ourselves at our weakest, the Department of Defense provides access to a multitude of resources to get us back on our feet.

Closest to home, at Joint Base San Antonio is the Military and Family Life Counselor, or MFLC, program, with locations at JBSA-Fort Sam Houston, JBSA-Lackland and JBSA-Randolph.

MFLCs are licensed professionals who provide situational, problem-solving counseling anonymously and confidentially. No written records are kept, and it is free for active duty military and their family members.

Reaching out to the MFLCs at your location gives you access to professional advice without the risk of your personal issues bleeding over to your professional life. The real risk comes when you do not seek care and those negative emotions influence you to make destructive decisions that can affect your family and career.

It is never easy to admit when we do not have all the answers, especially when it comes to our own lives. However, if we find the strength to utilize all available resources, we can build the skill set to handle any and every problem set the world throws at us.

When we become more emotionally resilient, it not only improves our lives but has the potential to positively influence the lives of everyone with whom we interact.

The fear of sharing your most personal narrative with another can be overwhelming, but it is no match for the peace you experience when you realize you do not have to face those troubles alone.

The new contact numbers for the MFLC program at each JBSA location are listed below.

JBSA-Fort Sam Houston: 210-421-9387

JBSA-Lackland: 210-984-1076 / 210-739-9667

JBSA-Randolph: 210-744-4829 / 210-996-4037