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How to get an Unescorted Access Request Form at JBSA-Randolph

By 502nd Security Forces Squadron | 502nd Security Forces Squadron | Aug. 16, 2018


The Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph Visitor Control Center, or VCC, processes more than 100 access control passes, to include four to eight Entry Authorization Lists (EAL),  per day. 

In order to process passes and EALs, it is important to ensure the sponsor/requestor is sending the VCC the correct information. In 2016, the Unescorted Access Request form was created to simplify the information required to process access to the base and cut back on multiple forms JBSA-wide, giving the customer a one-stop form that would handle multiple requests.

Who can submit an Unescorted Access Request Form? Sponsors are those persons affiliated with a DoD or other Federal agency who take responsibility for verifying and authorizing the applicant’s need for unescorted access to the installation.


How long do the passes last? When getting a pass at the VCC, the passes can be made for 1 hour or up to 30 days. If a pass is made after hours, at the main gate, the pass will be good for only 24 hours.


What Privileges do passes provide? A pass is only good for gaining access to the base. The pass has no Commissary, BX, Gas or medical benefits attached to it.


Who can I bring on the base with my pass? Each pass is made for the primary individual that the sponsor is requesting to come on base. If there are additional passengers they will need to be added to the pass, or they will need a pass for themselves. No escort privileges are allowed with a pass.


What will the Unescorted Access Request Form do for you as a customer? The form will allow you to request access on to the base for a guest by providing all required information to the VCC for processing. This form can be used to provide access for contractors, vendors, personal services, delivery/pick-up, visitors, volunteers, special events (weddings, retirements, promotions, bowling parties, golfing events, etc.) and access for Foreign Nationals. Section VI of the form has block-by-block instructions on how to fill out the form.

What is an Entry Authorization List (EAL)? An EAL is a list of 6 or more individuals that will require access to the base without being issued a pass, such as weddings, retirements, promotions, bowling parties, golfing events, etc. The Unescorted Access Request Form is the form that will be used for your EAL. When you submit an EAL, there is a 10 business day requirement in order to process your request. Once the list has been vetted and approved, it will be placed at the JBSA-Randolph Main Gate only. Your guest(s) can drive to the main gate on the date and at the time of the event and show proper identification to the Guard.  It will be checked against the submitted EAL. Once their names have been verified, they will be allowed access.

What about requesting access for a foreign visitor? The Unescorted Access Request Form will allow you to request access for a foreign visitor. All Foreign Visitors requests will need to be submitted to the Foreign Disclosure Office prior to any event or access to the base. At the bottom of the Unescorted Access Request Form, there are multiple rollover buttons that will allow the form to be formatted automatically and emailed to the specific location where the form will need to be submitted. 

What happens when the Visitor Control Center does not receive the proper information? The guests’ access is delayed or they will not be allowed onto the base. Time and money can be lost due to contractor delays, and it requires more administrative time to assist the customer which slows down the customer service processing time.

Before Sept. 15, 2018, the JBSA-Randolph installation access procedure requires submitting the guest’s full name, date of birth, driver’s license number and state, hours and days of access and last four of the sponsor’s Social Security number, sent via email from your .mil email account. With the new process, the JBSA-Randolph Visitor Control Center will only accept requests for access using the Unescorted Access Request Form.

The form can be found on the JBSA.mil website at http://www.jbsa.mil/Information/Visitor-Information/JBSA-Randolph-Visitor-Access-Procedures/.