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Personal & Family Life Program

Personal & Family Life program enhances the quality of life for service members and their families by providing educational family enrichment and resilience services. Personal & Family Life program also promotes community wellness by establishing a partnership with a number of other helping agencies that promote family preparedness through readiness support.

Education and enrichment services focus on helping families build and maintain healthy relationships, strengthen interpersonal competencies and problem-solving skills, and master respective roles, tasks, and responsibilities throughout the family life cycle. By improving work /home balance, it increases quality of life and resiliency.

Units, groups, families and individuals may request an educator or counselor to teach any of the Family Life Program classes. These classes can help in understanding the impact of stress, deployments, and family reunions. Some classes are offered as a series and must be taken in chronological order. Not all classes are offered every month and some have limited seating.

Heart Link
The Spouse Orientation Program “Heart Link” is designed to strengthen military families and enhance mission readiness. The overall objective is to increase retention of members in the military by increasing spouse awareness of the mission, customs, traditions, protocol, and support resources and services available to them.

Master Resiliency Training (MRT)

Master Resilience Training (MRT) is a key component of the Comprehensive Airman Fitness (CAF) and Comprehensive Solider and Family Fitness (CSF2) program. Master Resilience Training teaches resilience skills to enhance performance and increase resiliency, both individually and collectively. The Master Resilience Training Course is an established training program that has demonstrated efficacy in reducing behavioral health problems.

Resilience is critical for success and well-being, and patrons will learn about the core factors that predict resilience, with a specific focus on the factors that are amenable to change. Service members who attend will serve as subject matter experts for their commanders.

Skills learned include goal setting, energy management, emotion awareness and regulation, impulse control, de-catastrophizing, putting it in perspective, effective communication, challenging negative beliefs, problem solving, and real time resilience. Additionally, several techniques proven successful by elite sports figures and athletes will be introduced, such as imagining success, goal setting, and energy management.