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Deployment Readiness

Geographic separation due to deployment, remote tours, or extended TDY can be challenging, but it can also provide personal and professional growth opportunities. The JBSA Deployment Readiness team offers information on the 3 stages of a deployment cycle (pre-deployment, deployment, and reintegration) to help service members and their families become aware of potential deployment-related challenges and available support programs and services through educational courses and support groups.

Hearts Apart
The Hearts Apart program is open to all military families who are geographically separated due to deployment, remote tours, or extended TDY's, and is designed to keep geographically-separated families informed and connected. The goal is to develop an adaptable community in which families can access the support they need through the many life changes that military commitment brings. Activities and events vary and are based on customer interaction and feedback. Get involved! Call or email one of our three locations.

Unit Family Readiness
Unit Family Readiness Programs exist to assist families with the unique challenges associated with military lifestyle. They create a support network full of community resources for military families allowing them to collaborate, open channels of communicate and enhance resiliency to promote military family readiness.

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