The Brooke Army Medical Center Department of Pharmacy thanks the more than 250,000 beneficiaries eligible to patronize our pharmacies.

Our Vision is to serve as the Department of Defense's premier pharmacy and choice of our beneficiaries as a result of (1) delivery of quality pharmaceutical care; (2) commitment to customer service; (3) design and management of a fail-safe medication use system; (4) provision of evidence-based drug therapy education and training; and (5) leadership and management of the pharmacy benefit.

Over the course of a year, our staff of nearly 250 personnel will dispense greater than $100M worth of medications in the form of approximately 1.5M outpatient prescriptions and more than 3M unit dose and intravenous medications. Because we seek to delight you with our care and services, when we succeed, please tell the world. If we disappoint you, please tell us so we can continue to improve our services.

Thank you for choosing us!
Pharmacy Information
BAMC Main Pharmacy

SAMMC Medical Mall
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 0800-1800; Saturday 0900-1700, *
Phone: (210) 916-1536

Fort Sam Houston Community Pharmacy

Fort Sam Houston - SW Corner of Scott & Allen Rds, near main PX
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 0900-1700, **
Phone: (210) 295-9371

Fort Sam Houston Refill Pharmacy

Fort Sam Houston - SW Corner of Scott & Allen Rds, near main PX
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 0900-1700, **
Refill request call: (210) 916-8700 or 1-800-771-3455

McWethy Troop Medical Clinic Pharmacy

Fort Sam Houston - Next to Budge Dental Clinic
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 0530-1600, *
Phone: (210) 295-4108

Schertz Medical Home Pharmacy

Horizon Center, 6051 FM 3009, Suite 210, Schertz, TX
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 0830-1730, **
Phone: (210) 539-0902 or (210) 539-0903

Fort Sam Houston Primary Care Clinic Pharmacy

Fort Sam Houston, Bldg 1179, corner of Schofield Road and Garden Ave
Hours of Operation: Monday-Tuesday, Thursday-Friday 0800-1700, Wednesdays 0800-1630
Phone: (210) 808-3559

Emergency Department (ED) Pharmacy

1st floor of COTO in ED Area
Hours of Operation: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Phone: (210) 916-6860 or (210) 916-6865

Warrior Pharmacy

1st floor of COTO in ED Area
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 0900-1700, **
Phone: (210) 916-6866

Pediatric/Adolescent Pharmacy

Between Peds Clinic and Peds Subspecialty Clinic
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 0800-1630, **
Phone: (210) 916-1186

Taylor Burk Pharmacy - Camp Bullis

Camp Bullis - Building 5026
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 0730-1600, **
Phone: (210) 295-8058

*Closed Holidays
**Closed Saturday, Sunday and Holidays
How to Read Your Prescription Label
Your prescription label contains a lot of important information concentrated in a very small space. If you do not know what you are looking at, it can get very confusing.

Shown below is an example presciption label.


Please be sure to consult your doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions or concerns about your prescription.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. How can I request refills?
Call the automated refill phone system at (210) 292-9995 or (800) 469-7170. These numbers are also located on top of all prescription labels.

2. How long will it take before I can pick up my called-in refill request? 
Prescriptions called in before 0900 will be ready for pick up in 2 business days (JBSA Lackland and JBSA Randolph) and ready in 3 business days (JBSA Fort Sam Houston). The automated refill call in system will give you specific times and days on when your prescriptions will be available.

3. How long do you hold my prescription? 
Prescriptions will be held for 7 business days. If you are unable to pick up your medication please call and let us know so your medications are not returned to stock and remain on the shelf for you. Call the site you selected for medication pickup.

4. What do I do if I run out of refills? 
If you have are assigned to an MTF provider you will need to request a renewal through RelayHealth (for JBSA-Fort Sam Houston), MiCare (for JBSA-Lackland and JBSA-Randolph) or by contacting the clinic you are assigned to.

If you see an off-base provider you will need to get a new written prescription to bring to a JBSA Pharmacy or have your provider electronically prescribe or fax to JBSA Pharmacy.

5. How do I update my address in your system? 

DEERS will override what we have in our system so please contact DEERS to have your personal information updated:

http://www.tricare.mil/DEERS, by calling 1-800-538-9552, or by visiting your local ID card office.