JBSA-Fort Sam Houston Dining
JBSA-Randolph Dining

New DOD Food Service Charges at Dining Facilities, Calendar Year 2019

Effective Jan. 1, 2019, the below rates apply to dining facilities not using the a la carte pricing system: Slagel, Rocco, B5107, B5105, Medical Readiness, DFAC, and all BMT facilities.

Breakfast  = $3.45
Lunch       = $5.60
Dinner      = $4.85

In addition, MREs and Flight Meals are priced at $5.60 each.




Dining Facility Information for JBSA

Contact Information:

Sustainment Services Flight Chief        

Comm: 210-671-4267   

DSN: 473-4267


Food Service Operations Manager

Comm: 210 671-6840   

DSN: 473-6840