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ID Ops Schedule


Contact Information


Fort Sam Houston: MPD: (210) 221-0415, MPF: (210) 221-0892

Lackland: (210) 671-6006 or (210) 671-7741

Randolph: (210) 652-3036



Fort Sam Houston: usaf.jbsa.502-abw.mbx.502-fss-mps-customer-support@mail.mil

Lackland: 802fss.fsmps.idcard@us.af.mil

Randolph: 802fssol-b.customersup@us.af.mil


Mon - Fri: 0700 - 1900

 Walk-Ins 0700 -1700; Appointments: 1700 -1900

 Saturdays: (Ft Sam Only, by appointment) 0800 -1200

 Closed: Holidays, Weekends


Fort Sam Houston: 2400 Jessup Rd, 78234

Lackland: 1561 Stewart St, 78236

Randolph: 550 D Street East, 78150


ICE Comments



  Updated as of 24 Sep 2020: 
We will soon be publishing an updated tri-fold to take to non-military entities for acceptance of your "expired" ID card

  Updated as of 16 Sep 2020:
ALL dependent/retiree/DAV IDs have had their expiration dates extended out to June 2021 

  Updated as of 8 Sep 2020:
Please notice our extended hours for the month of September:

ALL Locations: Monday- Friday 0700-1700 /// Appointments Only: 1700-1900

ONLY Fort Sam Houston will be providing additional services on Saturday 0800-1200

It has been brought to our attention that an update to DEERS occurred causing some dependent records to drop from their sponsor's records. We do not know the number of dependents this has affected and we do not know how it affects the dependent's benefits/entitlements. We do know that the dependents still exist in DEERS, they just have been unlinked from their sponsor's record.


DMDC is working on the issue but it is unknown as to when it will be fixed.

The DMDC helpdesk has been briefed to receive calls regarding this matter.

They will create a special ticket that will be routed to R&A to fix the records. Do NOT call the Project Office or send cases to the Project Office case resolution team regarding this.

To have a ticket created for this issue, contact DMDC at 800-361-2508.

Step 1


  • Step 1: Obtain Signed 1172


    For CAC holders: To fill out the 1172, access the DMDC website by clicking HERE.


    Non-CAC holder or Retirees: Fill out 1172 by using the hard copy link below. All wet signatures will need to be notarized!





*Once you have a signed DD Form 1172 please move to Step 2 of our process*







Step 2


Step 2: Take Photo with your Phone

Photo must be:

- Forward facing

- From head to shoulders

- 8 x 10 size





Step 3


Step 3: Email the following to the office you would like to pick up from: 1172, photo, supporting documents.

Two supporting forms of unexpired identification (Ex: Driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, social security card) *NO SCHOOL IDs. Other examples found HERE.

  • For CAC holders: Applicants with access to MIL email, please send encrypted email to desired pick-up location's Org Box. 
  • For Non-CAC holders: Applicants without access to MIL email, please send an email with your name, email address, and a good contact phone number to desired pick-up location's Org Box.  We will create a SAFE site for you to upload your documents to. 

**Please do not contact us to check the status of your card until 7 business days have passed.**