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Dependent And Retiree ID Card Renewal Online

NOTE: Initial dependent, initial retiree, initial widower, or any CAC card application does not fall under the Online ID card process at this time. We are currently only processing renewals for dependents and retirees. Members outside of those mentioned must visit the MPF for service or visit Rapids to schedule an appointment: https://rapids-appointments.dmdc.osd.mil/ 

Contact Information


phone  Phone: Fort Sam Houston-(210) 221-0415
                  Lackland-(210) 671-6006
                  Wilford Hall-(210) 292-7144
                  Randolph-(210) 652-3036


Time  Hours: Mon-Fri: 7:30 am-4:30 pm

Time  Closed: Holidays


Map Address: Fort Sam Houston: 2400 Jessup Rd. Building 4026, Room 105, 78234-7741
                    Lackland: 1561 Stewart St., 78236
                    Randolph: 550 D Street East, 78150


 Appointments: Appointment Scheduler

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Step 1


On-line ID Renewal Instructions
Click here to sign & save
Online Form 1172 (w/sponsor signature)

  • The 1172 website has a certificate error. Please continue to the site by selecting details and then click continue to website. The site is SAFE!

If sponsor is a CAC holder, please click here.

ID Renewal Application




Step 2


Take a photo against a white background.

You can take a photo using your phone!

For additional information on photo guidelines please click on 'On-line ID Renewal Instructions' listed in step 1.


Step 3


Signed DD Form 1172

o   E-ID card renewal form

o   Current Photo

o   Two (2) Forms of ID

Option1: If you have a CAC, please send required documents listed in Step 1 via encrypted email to your respective MPS box listed below

Option 2: If you do not have a CAC please drop off all required documents listed in Step 1 to your local MPS

JBSA-Fort Sam Houston:


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the sponsor need to be present to pick up the ID?  - No, the sponsor does not need to be present, as long as the DD Form 1172 was signed online in DEERS. If it was not signed online with CAC or DOSLogon, the sponsor will need to be present. 

2. Will the dependent(s) need to be present to pick up the ID?  - Dependents age 10 and older do have to be present to sign for their ID Cards, unless they are incapacitated, in which case the technician will annotate “unable to sign.”

3. How long will it take to create my ID card?  - Please allow 7 business days for your card to be processed before contacting the requested pickup location. You will receive an email when it is ready for pick up or if there are any issues.

4. What should I bring when picking up my ID card(s)?  - You MUST bring both forms of identification you provided when completing the renewal application, and any dependents over the age of 18.



ID cards can be picked up at requested location once you're notified they are ready (7-10 business days).  

Dependents must be present at pick up to sign for their card. You must bring the two forms of ID provided in the application.

Members are responsible for canceling online applications if individuals obtain a new ID card in person before the online application is processed. Not cancelling the online application will cause a second card to be created, invalidating the card picked up in person.

Please be informed that once we create your new dependent/retiree ID card, your existing ID card would be invalidated. Trying to use the existing ID card where scanning the bar code is required WILL NOT work (i.e. shopping at the commissary, scanning ID when trying to go through the gates, etc..). Therefore, we urge you to plan ahead when it comes time to pick up your new ID. We highly suggest that you have your sponsor or somebody you know that has access to get on base to accompany you.

Thank you for your understanding.