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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Online issuance & renewal service has been reduced to the following categories ONLY: Initial Issuance of Dependent/Retiree ID (initial age 14 yrs); Replacement of lost/stolen Dependent/Retiree ID card; Dependent/Retiree ID card that expired prior to 1 January 2020. Cards that do not fall within these categories have been authorized for extended benefit use through 30 Sep 2020 - there is no action required on your part, simply retain your current card. 


Dependent/Retiree ID Card Services

(Reduced Services - Please read above)

For DEERs enrollment please contact your servicing location by phone or email listed below

 Please click HERE for more information 

NOTE 1: Any CAC card application does not fall under the Online ID card process at this time.  For CAC card applications, customers must visit your local DEERS office.

NOTE 2: At this time, the MPS is processing applications of Online ID cards ONLY if they fall into the following categories: Initial Issuance of Dependent/Retiree ID Card (initial age 14 yrs); Replacement of lost/stolen Dependent/Retiree ID card; Dependent/Retiree ID card that expired prior to 1 January 2020. Applications are processed within 7-10 business days.  

Contact Information


Phone:   Fort Sam Houston: (210) 221-2784

                 Lackland: (210) 671-6006 or (210)-671-4145

                 Randolph: (210) 652-3036


 Email:  Fort Sam Houston: usaf.jbsa.502-abw.mbx.502-fss-mps-customer-support@mail.mil

                 Lackland: 802fss.fsmps.idcar@us.af.mil

                 Randolph: 802fssol-b.customersup@us.af.mil

 Hours: Mon - Fri: 7:30 am - 4:00 pm

 Closed: Holidays & Weekends

 Address:  Fort Sam Houston: 2400 Jessup Rd, 78234
                     Lackland: 1561 Stewart St, 78236
                     Randolph: 550 D Street East, 78150

 Feedback: ICE Comments


ID Ops Schedule

Step 1


Click HERE for On-line ID Renewal Instructions

Option 1. Fill out DD Form 1172 Online

  • To fill out the 1172, access the DMDC website by clicking HERE.
    • *NOTICE* Members who do not have a CAC are experiencing issues with the DMDC website to retrieve their DD Form 1172. DMDC has announced that they do not have a time frame for when this issue will be resolved. Please use option two below if you experience issues for the online form. DMDC can be contacted at 1-800-477-8227 if you would like to report your issue.

  • There is an SITE SECURITY message that pops up when you encounter the site seen below. It is not a scam! Please proceed to the site.
  • Log in to DMDC RAPIDS Self Service.
    • For CAC Holders: After you have logged in, on the left hand side of the screen it should state “CAC Maintenance” and there will be an option for “Print Family List”; select this option and follow the prompts.
      • Sponsor must certify 1172 with digital signature
    • Non-CAC holder or Retirees can create a DS Self Service log-on by clicking HEREOr from above link, click on “Sign In” >"More DS Log-on Options", then "Need a DS log-in?" to create account. After you have logged in, on the left hand side of the screen there will be an option for “Print Family List”; select this option and follow the prompts.

Option 2. Hard Copy DD Form 1172

Please click link below for hard copy DD Form 1172


For questions filling out the DD Form 1172, see link below for assistance


  • If you are accessing the DD Form 1172 and you have a CAC, you can fill out sections I, II, and V, digitally sign the form, save it, and send along with your other documentation.
  • If you do not have a CAC, you may download the form, fill out Section I, II, and V only. Be advised that if the sponsor is wet signing the form it must be notarized. Notaries can be found at your local legal office, banks, or UPS store. You may scan or take a picture of the DD Form 1172, once signed, for submission to our office.
  • Please reference the instructions below the form prior to consulting with our office as we experience extremely high call volumes.

*Once you have a signed DD Form 1172 please move to Step 2 of our process*




Step 2



Step 2: Take and Save a Photo of yourself!

The photo must meet the following requirements:

- Clear

- Forward Headshot

- Plain background with nothing in background

- Full face in view (no hair in face/glasses are okay)

- Neutral facial expression or natural smile

 You can use your phone!





Step 3


Step 3: Email application and supporting documentation.

Make sure all documents are completed and saved to your computer prior to emailing. Save the following documents to a file on your computer:

  1. Completed DD FM 1172 from DMDC site, completed in Step 1.
  2. Two supporting forms of identification (primary must be an UNEXPIRED federal/state issued photo ID) Ex: Driver’s license, passport, state ID, birth certificate, social security card, voter’s registration, passport) *NO SCHOOL IDs. Other examples found HERE.
  3. A clear focused photo, completed in Step 2. Must be from the shoulders up, with a white background, similar to current ID card.
  4. Completed “802d FSS ID Renewal Application” form for each ID card applicant. Please click HERE to complete application.
    • ​Ensure you include a valid personal number and email for contact, like a cellphone number to ensure we can reach you with any questions. 
    • Please fill out an application for each person needing an ID Card.
    • Save the Renewal Application. All information must be clearly typed. If scanning a copy, please write legibly in blue or black ink.*

**Please do not contact us to check the status of your card until 7 days have passed.**





ID cards can be picked up at requested location once you're notified they are ready (7-10 business days).  

Dependents must be present at pick up to sign for their card. You must bring the two forms of ID provided in the application.

Members are responsible for canceling online applications if individuals obtain a new ID card in person before the online application is processed. Not cancelling the online application will cause a second card to be created, invalidating the card picked up in person.

Please be informed that once we create your new dependent/retiree ID card, your existing ID card would be invalidated. Trying to use the existing ID card where scanning the bar code is required WILL NOT work (i.e. shopping at the commissary, scanning ID when trying to go through the gates, etc..). Therefore, we urge you to plan ahead when it comes time to pick up your new ID. We highly suggest that you have your sponsor or somebody you know that has access to get on base to accompany you.

Thank you for your understanding.