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Proper handwashing one of best ways to protect you, your family from getting sick
December 6, 2022

Fight the Flu – It starts with you!
November 3, 2022

DAF adds additional financial incentives to recruit Child and Youth Program employees
October 4, 2022

Monkeypox declared public health emergency: What Airmen and Guardians need to know
July 28, 2022

Air Force prepares for newly approved COVID-19 vaccine: Novavax provides new option for unvaccinated Airmen, Guardians
July 21, 2022

Congressional staff receive update on CDC repairs during JBSA-Fort Sam Houston tour
October 15, 2021

PTSD: Seeking out mental health care is the first step to wellness
June 29, 2021

New COVID-19 Delta Variant: What you need to know to stay safe
June 29, 2021

AFIMSC helps Air Force deliver quality child care facilities 
April 20, 2021

Watch out for the signs of teen dating violence
February 18, 2021

DOD announces use of masks, other public health measures
February 5, 2021

JBSA discontinues ‘For Official Business Only,’ changes to HPCON BRAVO PLUS
September 24, 2020

JBSA support to evacuees at COVID-19 onset molded later responses
September 18, 2020

BAMC prepares for upcoming flu season
September 16, 2020

‘Connect to Protect’ during Suicide Prevention Month
August 28, 2020

JBSA continues HPCON CHARLIE protective measures
August 20, 2020

Curbside service helping JBSA vet clinics protect pets, staff, clients
July 24, 2020

Volunteers serve food to new BMT recruits
May 17, 2020

DOD, Department of the Air Force take steps to protect military families moving during COVID-19
May 7, 2020

Stay safe as new COVID-19 cases decrease, non-essential businesses reopen
April 22, 2020