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Back on track: DOD fellowship guides military spouse's workforce return
May 25, 2023
A family of five poses in front of a hillside.

Service members get extended parental leave
March 31, 2023
A man and woman poses for photo with three children.

Job search tool connects military spouses, employers
March 1, 2023
Four people in silhouette hold hands as they look at the setting sun.

DOD releases memo expanding Military Parental Leave Program 
January 5, 2023
A newborn at an Army hospital in Korea.

DOD shows progress in supporting service members, families
December 21, 2022
A service member stands at a lectern and points to a man whose hand is raised.

'Five & Thrive' initiative builds resiliency in military families
December 12, 2022
words on top of a row of white stars ending in three red lines

DOD survey asks participants to weigh in on Exceptional Family Member Program 
November 18, 2022
A multi-colored graphic reads "EFMP -- Exceptional Families, Exceptional Service."

More partners sign on to hire military spouses
October 26, 2022
A woman looks at the screen of a laptop computer.

Austin pledges to 'ease the load' for service members 
September 23, 2022
A family holds a sign while in the seats at a stadium.

Austin remembers Prisoners of War, service members deemed Missing in Action
September 19, 2022
A black flag with a white circle containing a silhouette of a person waves in the wind.

Opportunities expand through Military Spouse Employment Partnership
September 14, 2022
A woman looks at the screen of a laptop computer.

Fisher House: 'Home Away From Home' when medical needs arise
May 13, 2022
A man walks through a construction site as others work.

DOD personnel, families can now renew passports online
May 11, 2022
Several people stand in line outside a U.S. post office.

DOD's Virtual Military Spouse Symposium slated for May 10-12
May 5, 2022
A military couple is shown.

DOD working to improve military housing
April 1, 2022
View down a street in housing area.

MilTax Online Tax-Filing Forum opens doors to service members, families
January 25, 2022
Photo illustration of street intersection signs, one reading "TAX SEASON" and the other, "AGAIN."

Armed Services Blood Program urges donors to step up
January 24, 2022
A man in military uniform holds a stress ball while donating blood.

Medical leaders address COVID-19 concerns during Blue Star Families Forum
January 21, 2022
A service member gets a vaccination.

DOD officials say service members, families pay price of continuing resolutions
January 13, 2022
A missile launches during an operation test.

DOD personnel, families can renew passports online
December 22, 2021