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Defense secretary launches new round of discussions with hemispheric partners
August 8, 2022

Defense secretary emphasizes common values, beliefs with hemispheric partners
July 28, 2022

Defense secretary: DOD must increase efforts to destigmatize mental health care
May 31, 2022

U.S., Colombia plan closer military ties
May 24, 2022

Sweden, Finland apply for NATO membership
May 19, 2022

Pentagon announces deployments to replace forces in Europe
May 16, 2022

Defense secretary says 2023 budget built on new defense strategy
May 12, 2022

Defense Secretary lays out reasoning behind DOD budget request
April 8, 2022

Fiscal 2023 budget funds military for today, future
March 29, 2022

President shifts U.S. troops in Europe to defend frontline NATO States 
February 23, 2022

NATO leaders look to defense, deterrence against Russia
February 22, 2022

NATO leaders look to defense, deterrence against Russia
February 18, 2022

DOD places variety of troops on 'Prepare to Deploy'
January 28, 2022

Defense Secretary places 8,500 troops on heightened readiness to deploy to Europe
January 27, 2022

Medical leaders address COVID-19 concerns during Blue Star Families Forum
January 21, 2022

Guard chief details changes to combat sexual assault, harassment
January 21, 2022

DOD issues guidance on plans to counter extremist activity in the force
December 27, 2021

Defense Secretary looks to alleviate financial harm the pandemic caused military families
November 19, 2021

Secretary of Defense has authority to order mandatory COVID-19 shots
November 16, 2021

Hicks discusses DOD issues, career advice in 'Smart Women, Smart Power'
October 5, 2021