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President remembers those lost on 9/11, says day changed America
September 12, 2022

U.S. honors service members involved in Afghan evacuation
September 1, 2022

Biden announces changes in U.S. force posture in Europe
June 29, 2022

Defense secretary says 2023 budget built on new defense strategy
May 12, 2022

Fiscal 2023 budget funds military for today, future
March 29, 2022

President shifts U.S. troops in Europe to defend frontline NATO States 
February 23, 2022

DOD officials say service members, families pay price of continuing resolutions
January 13, 2022

Biden to approve SECDEF's request to make COVID-19 vaccine mandatory
August 10, 2021

Biden administration overturns transgender exclusion policy
January 26, 2021

Biden, Harris sworn in as America's new leaders
January 20, 2021