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COVID-19 vaccinations available at BAMC, WHASC
August 10, 2021

Biden to approve SECDEF's request to make COVID-19 vaccine mandatory
August 10, 2021

SECDEF seeks presidential approval for mandatory troop vaccinations by mid-September
August 9, 2021

BAMC takes on additional trauma patients to ease COVID-19 burden
August 9, 2021

Top military medical doctor predicts Coronavirus longevity
August 5, 2021

Lt. Gen. Laura J. Richardson: U.S. must remain 'Partner of Choice' in Western Hemisphere
August 3, 2021

JBSA implements HPCON BRAVO PLUS, updates mask mandate
July 29, 2021

METC reopens graduations to guests
July 28, 2021

Active duty service members needed for COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness study
July 21, 2021

Army Reserve couple supports COVID-19 federal response
July 19, 2021

Don’t stop short: Completing vaccinations vital to slowing COVID-19
July 15, 2021

Army offers helpful PCS resources as COVID-19 creates household goods shipment delays
July 14, 2021

New COVID-19 Delta Variant: What you need to know to stay safe
June 29, 2021

National Guard Chief details contributions over past year
June 25, 2021

ARNORTH ends COVID-19 vaccination mission, leaders look back on effort
June 24, 2021

MICC focuses on safety, health measures for return to office
June 24, 2021

Building COVID-19 Vaccine Trust: Myths vs. Facts
June 14, 2021

BMT graduation ceremonies opening for guests July 22
June 4, 2021

DOD budget request boosts research, nuclear modernization, includes 2.7% pay raise
May 28, 2021

BAMC military health experts encourage COVID-19 vaccines for teens
May 27, 2021