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DOD to upgrade discharges from 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy 
September 21, 2023
A woman speaks before a crowd of people.

DOD highlights 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' resources
September 20, 2023
A photo shows a five-sided building.

DOD plans return to 'Defense Travel System'
June 13, 2023
A webpage gives information about trips to Ramstein, Germany, and Misawa, Japan.

DOD official discusses strengthening industrial base
April 11, 2023
A drone flies above trees.

DOD addresses supply chain resiliency with Lone Star State Industry
June 27, 2022
In a large, brightly-lit facility with blue- and yellow-colored scaffolding, military aircraft are lined up in varying states of assembly.

Lethal means safety is key to suicide prevention
April 14, 2022
A service member’s silhouette stands near the entrance of a dark tunnel.

DOD working to improve military housing
April 1, 2022
View down a street in housing area.

DOD publishes new software modernization strategy
March 30, 2022
A soldier works on a laptop.

Fiscal 2023 budget funds military for today, future
March 29, 2022
President's Fiscal Year 2023 Defense Budget

Service academies directed to build up sexual assault prevention programs
February 25, 2022
Backs of midshipmen’s heads.

Officials discuss diversity, equity and inclusion benefits to DOD
February 3, 2022
A man in military uniform pins an award on a woman in military uniform.

Groups work to eliminate barriers to women's military service
January 24, 2022
Women stand before a B-52.

Guard chief details changes to combat sexual assault, harassment
January 21, 2022
General speaks to a formation of service members in a National Guard armory.

DOD official outlines 2022 National Defense Strategy
December 13, 2021
A woman gives remarks during a virtual event.

Electromagnetic spectrum superiority vital to security, according to DOD chief information officer
December 2, 2021
A woman stands behind a lectern.

DOD announces strategy to tackle climate crisis
October 7, 2021
A large aircraft is barely seen through snow mist as people walk to the aircraft.

Defense Department outlines strategy to thwart sexual assault in military
September 23, 2021
An aerial view of the Pentagon.

Survivors of human trafficking recount experiences, provide advice
August 2, 2021
An illustration depicting human trafficking.

DOD takes phased approach to implementing recommendations on sexual assault, harassment
July 21, 2021
An aerial view of the Pentagon.

DOD aims for new enterprise-wide cloud by 2022
July 7, 2021
A Marine operates a computer.