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Special duty assignment pay changes effective Oct. 1

By Debbie Gildea | Air Force Personnel Center Public Affairs | Oct. 16, 2014

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, Texas — Special duty assignment pay levels for a handful of career fields changed effective Oct. 1 following the most recent Air Force biennial review. In addition, select nuclear career fields have been approved for special duty assignment pay, according to an Oct. 2 announcement.

The biennial review focused on ensuring Airmen in extremely demanding positions, with an unusually challenging degree of responsibility, were identified and reviewed for eligibility under SDAP. The review included three new Air Force specialties evaluated for the first time.

"The purpose of these special pays is to incentivize Airmen to volunteer for and perform duties in a particular career field, location and/or special assignment where the scope of responsibility and required skills exceed those of other Airmen in the same career field and rank," said Brig. Gen. Brian Kelly, force management policy director.

Airmen in the following career fields saw pay adjustments: strategic debriefers; survival, evasion, resistance and escape; enlisted weapons directors (certified and new); forward area refueling point personnel; test parachute program; defense attaché specialists; first sergeants (performing duty at the First Sergeant Academy).

Airmen in two career fields, defense courier operations and airfield management, will no longer be authorized special duty assignment pay.

In addition to the nuclear enterprise AFSCs, four specialties were added to the SDAP list: military training leaders; the Guardian Angel Operations Test Program; Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff executive communications team members; Airmen assigned to a newly established Air Force Special Operations Command unit.

Earlier in the year, it appeared that SDAP for military training instructors and recruiters might be reduced. Neither was affected, and their SDAP remains unchanged.

Members currently serving in a career field removed from the SDAP list will continue to receive pay at a rate of one-half their original SDAP for 12 months following the effective date of termination. Those Airmen incurring an SDAP pay reduction will receive one-half differential pay for the first 12 months. New entrants will start at the new SDAP rate.

To see the full special duty assignment pay list and program changes, go to myPers at https://mypers.af.mil. Select "search all components" from the drop down menu and enter "SDAP" in the search window.