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NEWS | Nov. 14, 2014

Family tradition: Siblings start AF career together

By Staff Sgt. Delia Marchick Air Force Public Affairs Agency

Among the 649 Airmen who graduated basic military training Nov. 7, a set of twin brothers and their younger sister became the newest members of the Air Force in their family.

Brian and Trevor Petrine, 19, and their younger sister Brittany, 18, were assigned to three different flights under the 323rd Training Squadron during their time at BMT. Brian and Trevor were in brother flights and said that the MTIs would occasionally get the twins confused but caught on after a few weeks.

Brittany, who celebrated her 18th birthday while in BMT, said she would look for her brothers at the squadron and that the females in her flight probably thought she was looking at the guys.

"We saw each other a lot but the only time we really had time for small talk was during physical training," said Brittany.

The twins made an effort to spend as much PT time together as possible.

"Whenever we were doing PT I would literally sprint around everybody just to catch up to Trevor and we would run together," said Brian.

Trevor agreed.

"I would purposefully run slow so he could catch up," said Trevor.

They will all continue their training, together, at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas to be crew chiefs for the F-22 Raptor. After that, the siblings will join up with their Air National Guard unit at Joint Base Langeley-Eustis, Va.

Their graduation marked the day all of four of the Petrine siblings are in the Air National Guard.

Their older brother Frank, 20, graduated BMT in March and is now a security forces Airman with the National Guard at Joint Base Langeley-Eustis, Va.

"It's actually going to be really nice because we live 2.5 hours from the base we report to because we are in the Guard. We will get to carpool, spend time together, and catch up," said Frank.

The Petrine children are the not the first in their family to join the military. Their father was an active duty Airman for 11 years and their mother joined the Air National Guard when her children were toddlers.

Frankie Petrine was an electronic warfare officer in the Air Force then served in the Air Force Honor Guard, the Chiefs Own, at Bolling AFB, Md.. Their mother, Wendy Petrine, served in the DC National Guard for six years and worked in information management.

Frankie, Wendy and Frank Petrine all came out to Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland to attend the graduation of the Brian, Trevor and Brittany. Their parents expressed their pride in their children as they transition into adulthood.

"I think it is one of the best things that any parent can see of their children. It helps reinforce the morals and values that you raised them with and sets them up for success. I am very proud of them," Frankie said.

Wendy felt that graduating basic training and joining the military is even more special because it's an experience both parents and children share.

"It's amazing because we have gone through it too. To understand the adversities that you experience going through this process and knowing that you've raised children that were strong enough to do it as well, feels so gratifying. It's the most ecstatic moment to know how amazing your kids are," Wendy said.

Their parents are proud of their choice to join the Air National Guard.

"It's the transition to true adults and that's not something that I take lightly. It's an amazing pride that that any parent would have, knowing that they are willing to put themselves in harm's way in order for the rest of us to be able to have the choices that we have in life," Frankie said.