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NEWS | July 12, 2007

Family fitness room lets parents workout while children play

By Joe Nevarez 37th Training Wing Public Affairs Office

The Warhawk Fitness Center has renovated old office space into a new family fitness room, allowing parents to work out while still keeping a watchful eye on their children.

The project, which took a year-and-a-half to complete, was motivated by suggestions from active-duty servicemembers and paid for by the 37th Services Division and the 37th Training Wing appropriations funds.

The family fitness room, which opened June 25, is divided into two areas.

One section provides a safe, clean space where children can play with other children or entertain themselves with toys, television, Internet and games.

The second section includes cardiovascular and resistance training equipment so parents can work on their overall fitness while simultaneously role modeling good fitness habits to their children.

The Warhawk Fitness Center staff is also hoping to compete with some of the civilian gyms that already offer similar programs to their members.

"This has been a long-awaited facility. I can finally join the real world again," said Wendy Wong, who started her family four years ago. Mrs. Wong is a mother of three children who, until now, could not work out indoors because children were not allowed in the gym.

She said she looks forward to utilizing the gym with a group of family members who will work out at the same time so that their children can play together in the family fitness room.

The family room is equipped with a video system that allows the Warhawk staff to maintain continuous monitoring of the children. Inside the center there are a variety of cardiovascular and weight lifting machines to fit the needs of any user. The children's area is sectioned off, but is close enough to allow parents to keep an eye on their children.

When visiting the facility, families can expect to receive a very brief orientation to familiarize them with the center, the rules and the program.

Safety is of the utmost importance to staff at the Warhawk and strict adherence to the rules is mandatory.

"We are going to be very stern! If any of the rules are broken you will be asked to leave the facility," emphasized Ken Hack, Warhawk Fitness Center director.

He said the Warhawk staff is very excited to provide this new program and anticipate much use of the facility. They welcome members to use the facility and make suggestions for future improvements.

"It is a working project," said Mr. Hack, who personally reviews all suggestions for the new facility.

The center is currently available for use, and a formal grand opening will take place soon.