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Officers selected for promotion

By | June 23, 2011

LACKLAND AIR FORCE BASE, Texas — The 2011A Lieutenant Colonel Line of Air Force and Medical Services Corps and Major MSC Central Selection Boards selected 1,171 majors and 75 captains for promotion. Congratulations to the Lackland officers selected for promotion:

24th Air Force
Maj. Rene Hernandez
Maj. Christopher Schlak

59th Medical Wing
Maj. Wade Adair
Maj. Jay Veeder

59th Medical Support Squadron
Maj. Jay Ludescher

92nd Information Operations Squadron
Maj. David Neuman

93rd Intelligence Squadron
Maj. Brett Swigert

Air Force Medical Operations Agency
Maj. Nor Ashby
Maj. David Brown
Maj. Sarah Coors Davidson
Maj. Maria Graves
Maj. Travis Herbelin
Maj. Kenneth Perry
Maj. Andrea Nikitamona Ryan

Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency
Maj. Burl Kelton
Maj. Jason Nielsen
Maj. Kayle Stevens

Air Force ROTC Southwest Region
Maj. Randy Bailey

Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment
Maj. Patrick Suermann

U.S. Strategic Command
Maj. Charles Eddy

Air Force Medical Operations Agency
Capt. Shawn Coffin
Capt. Paul MacDonald
Capt. Neva Vanderschaegen

Air Force Medical Support Agency
Capt. Angela Yuhas