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JBSA-Lackland targets $2 million for CFC

By Mike Joseph | JBSA-Lackland Public Affairs | Sept. 3, 2012

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-LACKLAND, Texas — The annual Combined Federal Campaign, which raises money each year from federal employees for local, national and international charities, began Saturday.

The Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland campaign goal this year for base mission partners and tenant organizations is just more than $2 million. Campaign funds will be collected through Dec. 15.

The 2012 JBSA-Lackland CFC theme, "iGive," is comprised of four parts: "I'm informed, I'm involved, I'm inspired and I'm invested."

"The theme augments our 'effective communications' approach to this year's campaign," said 1st Lt. Anthony Anderson, JBSA-Lackland campaign project officer, 802nd Logistics Readiness Squadron.

"Effective communication is the bottom line," he said. "By our representatives being informed, involved, inspired and fully invested in the campaign, they can effectively ensure their communication informs and inspires potential donors to become involved, and hopefully invest in one of the many agencies under the CFC umbrella."

The CFC guidebook for potential contributors lists more than 2,700 different charities, local to international. Donors can make one-time contributions or payroll deductions; donations can also be distributed among the charities in accordance with the donor's wishes.

Anderson said the initial campaign push is between Saturday and Sept. 10 when CFC workers begin making first contact with potential donors, offering information about the drive and an opportunity to contribute.

Although money is collected through Dec. 15, active solicitation by base organization
campaign workers will start to wind down in mid-October.

The 802nd Mission Support Group active campaign ends Oct. 19, while most JBSA-Lackland mission partners have ending dates later in October or early November.

Anderson said base-wide efforts are focused on offering 100 percent information and 100 percent opportunity to the base population, along with explaining the CFC three Cs: choice, convenience and confidence.

"When it comes to choice, there are 2,709 agencies under the CFC umbrella at the local, national and international levels," Anderson said. "For convenience, most people use a payroll deduction, a single form that can be filled out at their desk and their donations are covered for a year.

"Donors can also have the confidence to know their money is distributed as they intended. All CFC agencies must go through a vetting process before a CFC committee verifies an agency's financial stability and distribution methods."

Anderson said he's optimistic the fundraising drive will meet, and hopefully exceed, its goal of $2,087,840.

"I'm extremely optimistic," said Anderson. "I've had a lot of positive responses from around the base. The CFC has been around since 1961, so people know it exists.

"We need to let them know why the CFC exists, and we do that through effective and informative communications," he added.