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NEWS | Jan. 23, 2024

59th MDW: Office of the Chief Scientist, Science and Technology scores high with multiple presenters accepted at AsMA Annual Scientific Meeting

By 59th Medical Wing Chief Scientist's Office

The 59th Medical Wing, Office of the Chief Scientist, Science and Technology will have a strong showing at the 2024 Aerospace Medical Association Conference held in Chicago in May 2024.

The Aerospace Medical Association, or AsMA, is international in both membership and scope of interest, providing opportunities to connect and exchange ideas with some of the world’s foremost medical specialists and internationally renowned scientists in the field of Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance.

The primary objective of the AsMA Annual Scientific Meeting is to provide the latest results in sessions designed for aerospace medicine professionals under one roof. The scientific program will benefit residents, medical and graduate students, and advanced undergraduates who have an interest in aerospace medicine.

The Annual Scientific Meeting presentations come from leading experts of diverse backgrounds who will enhance the world’s knowledge and understanding of the current challenges in Aerospace Medicine and demonstrate an impact on improving the health, safety, and human performance of those involved in aviation, space, and extreme environments. 

The annual scientific meeting also presents an opportunity to learn about the work of our colleagues from around the world, to share the knowledge and wisdom which we gain in our day-to-day work and practice and is a great way to expand the overall community of aerospace medicine.

The following are the 10-minute oral presentations / presenters that were selected:
Rathod, Jay, Capt, USAF, MC. “United States Aeromedical Evacuations From Antarctica From 2015-2023: a Retrospective Review of Military and Civilian Data.”  Oral Presentation.

  • Vannispen, Christiaan, CPT, MC, USA.  “Quantifying the Risk of Venous Air Embolism From IV Fluids in Microgravity and Assessing the Stability of Airless IV Bags for Exploration Missions.”  Oral Presentation.
  • Rezentes, Corinne R. Capt, USAF, MC.  “Determining Pharmaceutical Stability After Long-duration Exposure to Spaceflight Aboard the International Space Station: Phase 1 of the Dribble Study.”  Oral Presentation.
  • Nowadly, Craig D., Maj, USAF, MC, FS. “Quantifying the Impact of Sustained Acceleration on Critical Care Transport Medical Equipment.”  Oral Presentation.
  • Beer, Jeremy, PhD., Sherman, Paul, MD., et al. "Severity of Hypoxia Effects in Rapid vs. Gradual Decompression." Oral Presentation.

In addition, Dr. Paul Sherman, MD, Director of Radiological and Aerospace Medical Research, 59th Medical Wing Chief Scientist’s Office will be hosting a Panel Session titled: “Where are we with White Matter and Hypobaria? Latest Research and Outcome of NATO Collaboration.” 
In this panel session, Dr. Sherman will present “Warfighter Brain Health in Hypobaric Environments Post NATO HFM RTG-274” and “Review of the Effects of Extreme Hypobaric Environments Upon the Brain in Aviators and High-Altitude Special Operations in the Past Decade.”  There will be other presentations in the panel session from UK and Canadian NATO-RTG274 colleagues.
The outstanding performance of the Office of the Chief Scientist, Science and Technology aerospace medical researchers demonstrates they are recognized leaders and pioneers in the emerging frontier of clinical and operational space medicine and innovation.