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NEWS | Sept. 18, 2023

JBSA First Sergeant Diamond Sharp Awards

Joint Base San Antonio First Sergeants Council

The Diamond Sharp Award is sponsored by the Joint Base San Antonio First Sergeants Council and recognizes outstanding Airmen who continually exceed the standard to meet the Air Force mission.

Tech. Sgt. Katherine C. Okada
RANK/NAME: Tech. Sgt. Katherine C. Okada

UNIT: 390th Cyberspace Operations Squadron
TITLE: Fusion Analyst
Tech. Sgt. Katherine C. Okada organized a professional development seminar for two units and 131 Total Force Airmen. She recruited CMSAF No. 5 and a retired 502nd ABW command chief, who contributed a total of 114 years of experience to Air Force leadership and mentorship discussions. Okada crushed flight chief duties for two weeks, caring for the health and welfare of 42 Airmen. She tactfully assisted with a no-contact order, and two mental health crises, and aided a member whose father had a life-threatening hospitalization.

RANK/NAME: Tech. Sgt. Teara M. Ware
UNIT: Robert D. Gaylor NCO Academy
DUTY TITLE: Professional Military Education Instructor
Tech. Sgt. Teara M. Ware volunteered to accompany and escort a fellow cadre member to obtain medical care. She remained on site for six hours until they were discharged. Additionally, she ensured their safety and recovery upon their return home. Ware was also in charge of the graduation program for Class 23-5.  She coordinated with three agencies and invited 846 leaders across five major commands to attend the graduation ceremony of 140 future senior NCOs from the Air Force's second-largest NCOA.

RANK/NAME: Tech. Sgt. Carlos A. Zapata
UNIT: Inter-American Air Force Academy
DUTY TITLE: Instructor, International Force Protection Flight
Tech. Sgt. Carlos A. Zapata dedicated 40 coaching hours for junior Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for local youth and mentored and served as a role model for 20 athletes. He serves as an instructor supervisor and is responsible for training, and certifying 20 IAAFA cadre. Zapata led a 15-member security detail in Mexico City for Latin America's largest airshow coordinating security readiness with five multi-national agencies, helping protect $170 million in U.S assets, and safeguard 275,000 personnel.

Staff Sgt. Brian J. Marynowitz
RANK/NAME: Staff Sgt. Brian J. Marynowitz
UNIT: 802nd Security Forces Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Base Defense Operations Center Controller
Staff Sgt. Brian J. Marynowitz is the liaison for the Watch D.O.G.S. program at La Coste Elementary School. He recruited 10 volunteers, a 300% increase from last year, and dedicated 350 hours to provide security and role models to 850 students. Marynowitz orchestrated an emergency response for a gunshot wound victim. He coordinated with six agencies ensuring the apprehension of the shooter and zero lives lost. He also guided three patrols in Tactical Combat Casualty Care. 


Senior Airman Kendall A. Green
RANK/NAME: Senior Airman Kendall A. Green
UNIT: 559th Aerospace Medical Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Public Health Technician
Senior Airman Kendall A. Green led the BMT disease outbreak response; she led six members, inspected two squadrons, coordinated 20 interviews and labs, identified a source illness, protected the 3,500-member training population and fueled the $15 billion pipeline. Green also led the 559th MDG deputy commander's promotion reception, overseeing refreshments, decor and the catering contract for 35 attendees and 12 distinguished visitors, honoring a professional milestone, and being lauded by an 0-6 for her work

RANK/NAME: Senior Airman Jordan A. Mayle
UNIT: 59th Medical Logistics and Readiness Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Customer Service Technician
Senior Airman Jordan A. Mayle was handpicked to support the OshKosh Airshow, where she augmented medical recruiters, briefed the Medical Modeling and Simulation Training mission, and was coined twice by the AETC Command Surgeon and Chief. Mayle also responded to an off-base car accident, where she directed traffic, rescued and removed the patient from the roadway, facilitated a head-to-toe patient assessment and coordinated emergency care resulting in saving a life.


Airman 1st Class Patrick A. Goodlett
RANK/NAME: Airman 1st Class Patrick A. Goodlett
UNIT: 59th Surgical Operations Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Physical Medicine Technician
Airman 1st Class Patrick A. Goodlett drove four volunteer events with the Church Under the Bridge/Soldiers Angels organizations, dedicating 12 hours to distributing 48,000 pounds of food, footwear, and clothing to 1,000 local veterans and homeless families. He also led a rigorous fitness training session for the 802nd SFS and educated 38 active duty members on proper form, body mechanics, and conditioning ultimately decreasing limited duty time by 50% and saving 152 man-hours this quarter.


Airman 1st Class Garrett M. Schatz
RANK/NAME: Airman 1st Class Garrett M. Schatz
UNIT: 375th Cyberspace Operations Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Digital Network Exploitation Analyst
Airman 1st Class Garrett M. Schatz organized a squadron uniform donation drive for the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Squadron. He coordinated with cadet leadership on uniform needs, delivering 47 items which reduced the unit's financial costs by more than $2,300. Garret also led his class through a course capstone. Under his guidance, his analysis team completed 15 tasks during a simulated joint exercise, resulting in a 100% pass rate and arming USCYBERCOM with 16 newly qualified analysts.

Airman 1st Class Jonah E. Turner
RANK/NAME: Airman 1st Class Jonah E. Turner

UNIT: 959th Surgical Operations Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Post-Anesthesia Care Unit Medical Technician
Airman 1st Class Jonah E. Turner precepted 10 medics at the largest DOD Post-Anesthesia Care Unit, validated 270 initial competency tasks, increasing manning capabilities by 13.5%, and was selected to brief trauma and readiness abilities to AETC/CC. He also coordinated a booster club bake sale, managed four volunteers, devoted 20 hours to event planning and execution, raised $500 towards the medical group and bolstered morale for 400 beneficiaries.

GS-08 Jose P. Pinto
RANK/NAME: GS-08 Jose P. Pinto
UNIT: 59th Radiology Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Computed Tomography Technologist
Jose P. Pinto is the linchpin for the Air Force's top cardiac imaging clinic; through workflow innovations, he cut scheduling prereqs by 50%, expediting care for 64 patients, including BMT trainees, to foster mission-ready Airmen and garnered $137,000 in services. As a host for a Jordanian foreign student, Pinto opened his home for nine months to support the exchange of cultural and educational experiences, not only imparting invaluable life lessons but also strengthening relations with an ally country.