Construction on Fort Sam

Fort Sam Houston


Nursery Road:
Nursery Rd will undergo repairs from just North of Fort Sam Houston Elementary School to the bridge over the Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery. Expect delays, however, two-way traffic will continue during construction. In order to ensure the safety of all JBSA teammates, please refrain from walking, running, or biking along this section of Nursery Road, and all vehicles should observe a 10 mph speed limit through the construction area. 

Jadwin Commercial Gate:
Beginning August 10 the Jadwin Commercial Gate will be closed for repairs. Expect increased traffic at the Walters Gate as commercial traffic is detoured to the commercial inspection point behind the Visitor's Control Center.


Johnson Running Track:
From mid-October until May 2021, the Johnson running track, located between Schofield and Worth Roads, will be closed while the track surface is torn up and replaced. For safety reasons, the infield area surrounded by the track will also be closed while construction is ongoing. The smaller section of track between Henry T Allen and Schofield Roads will remain available for use during Johnson track’s replacement.



Construction on Randolph



South Gate:

Beginning July 27 the South Gate traffic flow will be suspended through October 28. Modified hours for JBSA-Randolph gates are as follows:
South Gate: Re-opening Oct. 28
West Gate:  6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday
East Gate: 6 a.m. - 6 p.m. (Commercial Vehicle Inspection Gate)
Lindsey Gate: 24/7
High School Gate: For Emergencies Only 


Randolph Elementary School:

Randolph Elementary School is undergoing construction that started in April 2020 and estimated completion in July 2021.


Near Building 290:

The area between Building 290 (Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union) and
Building 1070 (AFFES Gas Station - Firestone) at JBSA-Randolph will be
blocked off from August 31 until September 2 for repairs of the
failed roadway. 

New B Street

Beginning Aug. 26-31, trenching and construction will begin in front of Randolph Elementary School on New B Street East, between Harmon Drive and FF Street. CPS Gas will later install a new gas line on New B Street East beginning Sept. 11-28.







Construction at Lackland


The Selfridge West Gate

Beginning in August the Selfridge West gate is under construction until mid-September.