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NEWS | Aug. 14, 2023

JBSA First Sergeant Diamond Sharp Awards

Joint Base San Antonio First Sergeants Council

The Diamond Sharp Award is sponsored by the Joint Base San Antonio First Sergeants Council and recognizes outstanding Airmen who continually exceed the standard to meet the Air Force mission.

Tech. Sgt. Diamond M. Mitchell
RANK/NAME: Tech. Sgt. Diamond M. Mitchell
UNIT: Air Force Services Center
DUTY TITLE: Food and Beverage Manager
Tech. Sgt. Diamond M. Mitchell filled a master sergeant billet, guided 367 food employees and vetted $4.8 million in subsistence purchases to aid 38 feeding operations which fueled the quality of life for 912,000 U.S. Forces, international and coalition partners in training across Air Education and Training Command. In this post-COVID-19 setting, Mitchell has led the MWR charge as the president of the unit's private organization, led a charity sale, secured resale snack bars, and raised $1,400 in funds which have supported the morale of more than 700 Airmen.

Tech. Sgt. Corey A. Rundle
RANK/NAME: Tech. Sgt. Corey A. Rundle
UNIT: 341st Training Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Flight Chief, Military Working Dog Handler Course
Tech. Sgt. Corey A. Rundle's leadership was instrumental during an emergency notification involving the tragic loss of a sister-service team member by coordinating with five base agencies to provide immediate support for family and unit members. He also increased the unit Key Spouses from one to four. Connecting with Key Spouses and across MWD enterprise, he assisted family support after their loss by alleviating financial burden with $9,500 and 12 meals donated.

Tech. Sgt. James Wester
RANK/NAME: Tech. Sgt. James Wester
UNIT: 59th Surgical Operations Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Section Chief, Orthopedics
Tech. Sgt. James Wester is one out of eight JBSA bone marrow donation representatives. He briefed 115 BMT members on bone marrow donation requirements and protocols and registered 32 members in the national donor registry while increasing the base donors by 5%. Wester completed four credits towards a bachelor of science degree in dietetics with a 3.4 GPA, briefed nutrition and hydration plans for 25 children and volunteered 16 hours coaching/mentoring a  tackle football organization and reducing heat stress injuries by 40%.

Senior Airman Thomas A. Burner
RANK/NAME: Senior Airman Thomas A. Burner
UNIT: 57th Intelligence Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Radar Analyst
Senior Airman Thomas A. Burner fulfilled an NCO role by leading a cross-flight college-level radar concepts training. His expertise aided in four Airmen completing Job Qualification Standard requirements in support of signal identification to reduce fratricide for 14,400 DOD aircraft. On two separate occasions, Thomas assisted stranded Airmen with car troubles. He diagnosed the issues while mentoring them on mechanical safety during the replacement of the timing belt and battery. His wingmen saved more than $1,500 in repairs.

Senior Airman Nadia A. Corona
RANK/NAME: Senior Airman Nadia A. Corona
UNIT: 616th Air Communications Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Networks Technician
Senior Airman Nadia A. Corona became the go-to network subject matter expert, supporting 450 users while her NCOIC was on parental leave and the lead technician was deployed. She also led the training of five new physical training leaders in three tests and six others in organizing a promotion ceremony. As president of the booster club, Corona recruited five volunteers and organized two fundraisers, which generated $850 towards monthly morale events, snack bar, and annual holiday party planning for 105 personnel.

RANK/NAME: Senior Airman Jadae O. Jeffries
UNIT: 959th Surgical Operations Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Aerospace Medical Technician
Senior Airman Jadae O. Jeffries stepped up during a civilian hiring event, leading eight volunteers and chaperoning 156 new hires through seven departments. Her stellar stewardship was recognized by leadership and she was requested to lead the next hiring event. Jeffries organized a farewell event for a departing member, coordinating refreshments and decorations, and ensured the Airman was recognized with a parting gift from their time in the clinic.

Senior Airman Jordan Smith
RANK/NAME: Senior Airman Jordan Smith
UNIT: 59th Dental Support Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Dental Laboratory Technician
Senior Airman Jordan Smith updated the Dental Group Research Lab's Safety Data Sheets by 7%. He identified and cataloged 27 unaccounted hazardous materials, ensuring emergency response actions are readily available, ultimately closing a sic month Commander's Inspection Management Board deficiency. Jordan dedicated two days to partnering with our local Big Brother-Big Sister organization. He mentored a six-year-old child one-on-one and improved their quality of life by instilling crucial character traits such as self-confidence, morals and trust.

Senior Airman Khemmanat Todd
RANK/NAME: Senior Airman Khemmanat Todd
UNIT: 502nd Comptroller Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Financial Analyst
Senior Airman Khemmanat Todd volunteered to lead Airman's Time on Total Force Development and maintained a 100% GPA in college. She promoted professional development for herself and 25 comptroller Airmen. Todd also led a care package effort for two deployers, organized going away for a senior NCO, and honored 35 years of civil service proffering at a retirement ceremony. She demonstrated a selfless wingman concept while uplifting the unit's spirit.

Airman 1st Class Milad Asabea
RANK/NAME: Airman 1st Class Milad Asabea
UNIT: 59th Medical Specialties Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Medical Technician
By leveraging his multilingual skills as the clinic's sole intermediary, Airman 1st Class Milad Asabea facilitated dialogue between an Arabic-speaking patient and medical staff, thus delivering timely care and resolving the patient's medical needs. Partnering with the 59th Medical Wing 5/6 and “Church Under The Bridge,” Milad led a team of six Airmen who dedicated 18 man-hours to bible study, meals, and care package distribution, which supported 124 underserved local residents.

Airman 1st Class Jim A. Cartwright
RANK/NAME: Airman 1st Class Jim A. Cartwright
UNIT: 531st Intelligence Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Public Key Infrastructure Technician
Airman 1st Class Jim A. Cartwright mentored 35 future cyber warfighters for three hours during a group Professional Development Seminar for BMT, fostering esprit de corps, providing insight into their career field and supplying resources to better Air Force quality of life. As a physical training leader, Cartwright drove combat mission readiness by leading two strength and conditioning workouts and administering 10 fitness exams. His actions solidified the 99 percent unit pass rate for 218 members.