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NEWS | May 18, 2023

JBSA First Sergeant Diamond Sharp Awards

Joint Base San Antonio First Sergeants Council

The Diamond Sharp Award is sponsored by the Joint Base San Antonio First Sergeants Council and recognizes outstanding Airmen who continually exceed the standard to meet the Air Force mission.

Tech. Sgt. JohnMark Goodman
RANK/NAME: Tech. Sgt. JohnMark Goodman
UNIT: 502nd Air Base Wing Equal Opportunity Office
DUTY TITLE: Equal Opportunity Specialist
Tech. Sgt. JohnMark Goodman solved a two-star general officer's climate concern by leading a team of four facilitators to execute 25 focus groups. He captured feedback and developed 15 improvement strategies, including supervisor training for AFPC's 3.2K workforce. Goodman excelled as the wing's lead "Lego Serious Play" facilitator at the 2023 AFWERX Innovation Industry Days conference. Goodman fueled innovation by leading five sessions with 200 participants, elevating the program's $11 million mission.

Tech. Sgt. Ryan Hookstra
RANK/NAME: Tech. Sgt. Ryan Hookstra
UNIT: 59th Medical Logistics and Readiness Squadron
DUTY TITLE: NCOIC, Acquisitions
Tech. Sgt. Ryan Hookstra managed eight cardholders, four GPC accounts worth $2.1 million and 21 contracts worth $45 million. He provided support to 430 medical supply accounts throughout JBSA to provide care for 249,000 beneficiaries and facilitated 1 million scripts to be filled. Furthermore, he assisted the First Sergeant by responding to five Airmen in need with physical and emotional challenges, coordinating logistical support and medical care, epitomizing the Whole Airmen concept.

Tech. Sgt. Jose Rodriguez Jr.
RANK/NAME: Tech. Sgt. Jose Rodriguez Jr.
UNIT: 690th Cyberspace Control Squadron
DUTY TITLE: NCOIC, Orders Management
Tech. Sgt. Jose Rodriguez Jr. spearheaded the A2/3 director’s spring morale event by coordinating with four civilian agencies, three cyberspace wing directors the IAAFA group commander. The event boosted morale for 75 Airmen across the 688 Cyberspace Wing and increased Air Combat Command/Air Education & Training Command partnerships at JBSA. Rodriguez led a team of 10 cyberspace senior NCOs with efforts at a local community event supporting families by constructing 100-plus computers at the Boeing Port Tech Center valued at more than $20,000. His efforts improved the camaraderie across local the Sixteenth Air Force enterprise.

Tech. Sgt. Vicente Velazquez
RANK/NAME: Tech. Sgt. Vicente Velazquez
UNIT: 690th Cyberspace Control Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Branch Chief, System Operations Support
Tech. Sgt. Vicente Velazquez was hand-selected and served as the military ambassador for JBSA, where he attended 25 community events, strengthening DOD relations with seven civilian institutions and bolstering the 502nd ABW’s private organization partnerships with local businesses. As an additional duty first sergeant, Vicente showcased symposium skills by responding to his commander's life-threatening emergency, securing transport to a local emergency room and starting a meal train for the family, therefore saving one life and securing family needs.

Staff Sgt. Joseph Chavez
RANK/NAME: Staff Sgt. Joseph Chavez
UNIT: 802nd Security Forces Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Patrolman
Staff Sgt. Joseph Chavez directed response forces in the apprehension of two fugitives, 300 scheduled I/II narcotics, two stolen firearms and one stolen vehicle. He stopped immediate threats, safeguarded 64,000 joint personnel and was coined by the commander. Chavez also devoted eight hours to the Legion Training Squad, the unit's new initiative. His team prepared 15 defenders with eight real-world scenarios on air base defense, ultimately expanding capabilities across 11 combatant commands.

Staff Sgt. Russell Gonzalez
RANK/NAME: Staff Sgt. Russell Gonzalez
UNIT: Detachment 2, 6th Combat Training Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Administrative Craftsman
Staff Sgt. Russell Gonzalez orchestrated the first-ever unit CAF day. He coordinated three events highlighting 15 outreach programs incorporating the four pillars, bolstering resiliency and esprit de corps for 75 pipeline students & permanent party personnel. Gonzalez also established connections with the JBSA-Lackland AFRC and initiated coordination to provide JBSA-Camp Bullis support. He set up monthly on-site professional development sessions expanding resources to 220 students annually.

Staff Sgt. John Suing
RANK/NAME: Staff Sgt. John Suing
UNIT: 59th Dental Training Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Dental Assistant
is a true Wingman. He jumped in to assist another dental clinic in roll-out by training 20 additional staff. He also backfilled his Flight Chief, E-7 position, where he led a team of 37 personnel through three crisis/hardship events. Suing is also a servant-leader. He's dedicated more than 60 off-duty hours to his at-risk Airman experiencing significant difficulties by personally coordinating food, shelter, funds, and on-base resources to ensure members' safety and well-being.

RANK/NAME: Senior Airman William Denton
UNIT: 59th Surgical Operations Squadron
JOB TITLE: Physical Medicine Technician
Senior Airman William Denton was certified as an Air Force Resilience Training Assistant and utilized his new skills to facilitate Comprehensive Airman Fitness training, provided coping techniques to 25 staff members experiencing hardships, fostering a resilient squadron through a manning shortage. He led the squadron’s Air Force Assistance Fund campaign, made 100% contact with squadron personnel, and led JBSA-Lackland as No. 5 out of 57 units in highest donations garnered, enabling four charities to provide emergency assistance and funds for Air Force families.

Airman 1st Class Brooklyn Pennington
RANK/NAME: Airman 1st Class Brooklyn Pennington
UNIT: 959th Inpatient Operations Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Medical Technician
As cadre for the San Antonio Uniformed Service Consortium, led five exercises, and solidified trauma competency skills by providing trauma simulations to 40 ER docs, and was lauded by the Director of EMS Operations. She also organized 15 fundraisers, led 63 personnel, raised more than $20,000, and was key to a successful first joint BAMC Ball, strengthening esprit de corps between Air Force and Army staff and providing low-cost tickets to 520 attendees.

Johnathan Bourgeois
RANK/NAME: Johnathan Bourgeois
UNIT: 341st TRS
DUTY TITLE: Team 2 Lead Instructor
Johnathan Bourgeois volunteered 30 hours to set up and tear down three events in downtown San Antonio during Fiesta. His commitment allowed nearly 2.5 million people to witness the capabilities of Military Working Dogs and their handlers. He also dedicated 40 hours to taking on additional workload and responsibility. His efforts gave back personal time to 30 instructors, increasing their quality of life. Bourgeois was recognized by the 37th Training Wing commander for his service-before-self attitude.