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NEWS | Feb. 20, 2023

JBSA First Sergeant Diamond Sharp Awards

Joint Base San Antonio First Sergeants Council

The Diamond Sharp Award is sponsored by the Joint Base San Antonio First Sergeants Council and recognizes outstanding Airmen who continually exceed the standard to meet the Air Force mission.

1st Lt. Marissa J. Vasek
RANK/Name: 1st Lt. Marissa J. Vasek
UNIT: 959th Emergency Medicine Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Clinical Nurse, Emergency Services
First Lt. Marissa J. Vasek piloted a joint service field training exercise, directing a 12-member cadre team while overseeing six round-robin stations and four patient scenarios. Her course strengthened 3,500 trauma and medical readiness skills for 171 personnel. She also authored and published her first children's book titled "Little Tree Nut." She donated 10 copies and $530 from the proceeds to the organization Caring Hands Africa. Her actions helped provide medical supplies to children in Cameroon.

Tech. Sgt. Frank J Melim
RANK/NAME: Tech. Sgt. Frank J Melim
UNIT: Robert D. Gaylor NCO Academy
DUTY TILE: PME Instructor
Tech. Sgt. Frank J. Melim launched the second largest Non-Commissioned Officers Association forward by streamlining the Commandant's Award selection process. The improvement reduced selection time, saving 96 man-hours for a cadre of 35 and more than 1,600 students yearly. Melim also dedicated 12 hours to capture and edit 98 commemorative retirement photos for a fellow master sergeant of 20 years active duty service.  His actions saved 750 dollars and captured the event for 58 family members, friends, and teammates.

RANK/NAME: Staff Sgt. Nicole T. Massa
UNIT: 688th Cyberspace Wing
DUTY TITLE: Network Operations Controller                         
Staff Sgt. Nicole T. Massa co-led the 688th Cyberspace Wing open house and organized the events and mission briefs that showcased Air Force cyberspace capabilities to 2,500 military members and families. Her actions improved community relations and she was coined by the group commander. Massa also provided 168 hours of foster care and two means of transport for a local animal shelter, which saved $3,200 in labor. She also achieved four credit hours toward a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Information Systems.

Staff Sgt. Matthew T. White
RANK/NAME: Staff Sgt. Matthew T. White
UNIT: 57th Intelligence Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Signals Analyst
Staff Sgt. Matthew T. White guided his wing’s diversity, equity, and inclusion program. He facilitated open-dialogue discussions, emphasizing resiliency which executed Air Combat Command’s Bridge Chat requirements and guided personal growth for 82 members. White also instructed a 120-hour intermediate radar course to 10 joint-service personnel. His efforts furthered analytical development and expertise for three intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance units across JBSA.

Airman 1st Class Nina Pearson
RANK/NAME: Airman 1st Class Nina Pearson  
UNIT: 959th Inpatient Operations Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Medical Services Technician
Airman 1st Class Nina Pearson determined five of her peers were facing difficulty arriving and departing work and aided them by providing transport for 23 shifts, also escorting one ill member to the emergency room and staying with her peer throughout. Pearson also volunteered to fill duty shifts of another Airman when a family emergency arose.  Her selfless actions gave peace of mind to her peer, secured continuity of care for 22 patients, and eased the work for her 10-member team.

Airman 1st Class Dahiana A. Rios
RANK/NAME: Airman 1st Class Dahiana A. Rios
UNIT: 690th Cyberspace Operations Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Personnel Program Technician
Airman 1st Class Dahiana A. Rios shined for 30 days as the squadron’s NCOIC, alleviated a myEval shutdown with MS Teams EPR tracker, resulting in 100% technical sergeant EPRs signed within 30 days and staff sergeants ready for c/o seven days before static closeout date and was coined by the squadron commander. Rios managed three group and six squadron programs, assessing nine checklists and closing six deficiencies, accomplishing a 98% compliance rate and aligning them for the Wing A-staff transition, accomplishing the wing commander’s No. 1 priority.

Airman 1st Class Jeanette H. Villasenor
RANK/NAME: Airman 1st Class Jeanette H. Villasenor
UNIT: 690th Intelligence Support Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Systems Administrator
Airman 1st Class Jeanette H. Villasenor led her first fundraiser as newly appointed president of the squadron booster club, coordinating the sourcing of six items from five vendors and directing four members, amassing $165 towards the budget for future morale events. Villasenor also coordinated four physical training sessions to ensure personnel readiness, guiding 16 members through 14 exercises for four hours, boosting their overall fitness to maintain a 100% unit pass rate in preparation for a RED FLAG exercise tasking.

Airman Jenna M. Mermet
RANK/NAME: Airman Jenna M. Mermet
UNIT: 59th Dental Group
JOB TITLE: Endodontics Assistant
Airman Jenna M. Mermet voluntarily responded to an emergency BMT trauma case during a base-wide shutdown. Her coordination for care with two squadrons enabled the trainee's return to duty within six hours, saving Air Education and Training Command 40 hours in training delays. Mermet promoted morale and esprit de corps across JBSA, by supporting a 93rd Intelligence Squadron retirement ceremony and led sales for a squadron fundraiser, earning $540 for morale events for seven flights and 190 personnel.