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NEWS | Jan. 10, 2023

Hollywood produces another star; award-winning Navy recruiter brings talent to Texas

By Edward Jones Navy Talent Acquisition Group San Antonio Public Affairs

Known for its beautiful beaches and diverse community, Hollywood, Florida, is arguably one of the most attractive places to visit in the country. The city is the birthplace of stars such as Victoria Justice, Josh Gad, and “The Walking Dead” star Norman Reedus. But those aren’t the only stars the city can boast about.

Hollywood can add Petty Officer 2nd Class Chemar Jordan, a Aviation Boatswain's Mate (Equipment), to its list of award-winning natives who have found success in their careers.

Jordan, a recruiter for Navy Talent Acquisition Group San Antonio, is a multi-award-winning recruiter who continues to excel at his job of strengthening the United States Navy by adding quality people who will serve and protect the United States. Jordan, who enlisted into the Navy seven years ago, has served as a recruiter the last two years.

“The Navy has allowed me to show others in my community that there are other routes or ‘plays’ (as we say back home) to be successful,” Jordan said. “The Navy has allowed me to be everything but a negative statistic, all while allowing me to rewrite my fate and destiny to my liking.”

Jordan was inspired to become a recruiter by his recruiter, Navy Career Counselor Christopher Brown. Jordan credits Brown with helping him change his life for the better and now wants to do the same for others.

During his current assignment, Jordan has earned recognition in many different areas. His awards include Junior Sailor of the Quarter; Recruiter of the Quarter (x3); Nuke Recruiter of the Quarter (x2); Large Station of the Quarter (x3); Division of the Quarter (x3); Recruiter of the Month (x6); Nuclear Field Recruiter of the Month (x6); Large Station of the Month (x4); Division of the Month (x5); Six Shooter Award (x2); Lone Star Award (x2); Heavy Hitter Award (x4); Triple Play Award (x3); Texas Ranger Award (x3); Chief Recruiter’s Had Charger Award, Superior Sustained Performer (x3); Region West COM Achievement; and Most Inspirational Sailor for FY22.

Jordan’s success as a recruiter comes from his love for self and others.

“The most rewarding part to me is being a Sailor people come to for answers or solutions when it comes to strengthening the Navy,” he said.

Jordan’s focus on strengthening the Navy is what drives him. Recruiting is the blood of the Navy and Jordan knows the importance of his job.

“To be successful in this career, you have to be personable and care about each individual you encounter,” Jordan said. “In addition to qualifying someone on ‘paper,’ you must make sure you place them in a position where the Navy assists them in reaching their dreams and aspirations.

“I do not put people into the Navy just to add another contract to my numbers; I put them in to hopefully provide a better life for them and their families,” he said. “I want them to hopefully make the Navy a 20-year journey. When I take this uniform off for the last time, I want to know that those relieving me are the right people. Because of that thought, I chose to serve where it begins, recruiting.”

However, Jordan knows recruiting is not for everyone.

“Recruiting is unique and reminds me of an emergency room,” Jordan said. “You never know what you will see come through those doors, so you have to stay ready and never be caught having to get ready.”

It is not hard to feel Jordan’s love for Navy recruiting when you talk with him. His passion is genuine and he truly hopes to make his mark in the recruiting community.

“I desire to become the best leader the recruiting nation has ever seen,” Jordan said. “I feel if you set goals for the highest achievement possible, you will never stop being hungry or humble. There is always room for growth and improvement. Awards, nominations, and accolades will come, but it is the impact and impression on others that will last forever. As long as I have that, everything else will follow suit.”

It’s obvious Jordan plans on making the Navy a career and looks at his hunger to succeed as one of his greatest strengths.

“No matter what goes on around me or in my life, I continue to hold my head up and be hungry,” he said. “I am willing to do things today that others won’t do in order to have things tomorrow that others won’t have. I’ll always strive to be at the top in life because the bottom is too crowded for me!”

Seven years ago, Jordan hadn’t even considered the Navy. However, it is clear now that the Navy was the perfect fit, and that this Hollywood native has earned his star status.