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NEWS | Nov. 18, 2022

JBSA First Sergeant Diamond Sharp Awards

Joint Base San Antonio First Sergeants Council

Tech. Sgt. Kayelea N. Cortes
Rank/Name: Tech. Sgt. Kayelea N. Cortes

Unit: 802nd Force Support Squadron
Duty Title: NCOIC, Re-enlistments and Extensions
Hometown: Rockford, Illinois
Tech. Sgt. Kayelea N. Cortes is a key example of what an effective leader can accomplish when given a daunting task. Having only recently arrived at the unit, she was tasked with correcting more than 400 missing contracts. Working tirelessly through the weekends with her team, she revamped several section procedures, instituted strict SOPs/tracking while auditing 1,700 records and slashed ETS/DOS mismatch discrepancies by 70%. She also attacked JBSA’s 97 critical pay cases and returned more than $700,000 to military members within three weeks. She showcased ingenuity by creating an enlistment folder process, fixing 306 document errors and reducing 168 hours of wait time. She is praised by her Airmen and peers for the mentorship/guidance she provides.

Staff Sgt. Michael U. Poli
Rank/Name: Staff Sgt. Michael U. Poli

Unit: Joint Personal Property Shipping Office-South Central
Duty Title: Supervisor, Non-Temporary Storage
Time in service: 6 years, 10 months
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
Staff Sgt. Michael U. Poli leads five joint-service personnel and manages 11,000 shipments across 10 states and 31 installations. In October, he automated the storage notification process, saving 10 weekly man-hours and enhancing the unit’s capabilities during a critical military-to-civilian manpower transition. Poli headed fiscal year renewals by implementing a contact system with resource advisors, securing 673 funds for 1,400 shipments valued at $635,000 two months in advance.  Lastly, Poli completed three courses toward a master’s degree in organizational management, upholding a 4.0 GPA.

Senior Airman Alizaya J. Ambriz
Rank/Name: Senior Airman Alizaya J. Ambriz

Unit: 959th Surgical Operations Squadron
Duty title: Aerospace Medical Technician
Time in service: 2 years
Hometown: Sahuarita, Arizona
Senior Airman Alizaya J. Ambriz recently took part in planning and executing the 959th Medical Group’s first-ever “The Gauntlet” challenge, which brought cohesion and friendly competition to five squadrons.  She is the squadron booster club Secretary, where she has worked to positively impact morale throughout the hospital; most recently she made and delivered “Boo-Grams” to more than 200 personnel. Ambriz is a crucial member of the day-to-day operations within the largest general surgery clinic in the Defense Health Agency, where she leads 11 technicians, facilitating coverage to eight surgical sub-specialties, 58 medical providers, and the execution of 1,200 patient appointments monthly.

Senior Airman Marcus A. Zachary
Rank/Name: Senior Airman Marcus A. Zachary

Unit: 802nd Security Forces Squadron
Duty title: Visitor Control Center Technician
Time in service: 4 years
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Senior Airman Marcus A. Zachary’s dedication was integral to the Air Education and Training Command’s mission to create a large-scale network of air force superiority and international security reaching beyond America’s borders. Zachary processed credentials for 87 foreign nationals, supporting 122 countries’ educational development and enabling the 2022 Coalition Electronic Warfare Symposium for the “Canberra Three” joint armed forces. Zachary conducted background checks for 130 contractors facilitating the 502nd Air Base Wing’s 2022 Fall Festival for 1,900 attendees. Finally, Zachary dedicated 12 hours to the 2022 National Sporting Championship, raising of $2,400 for the unit’s booster club.

Airman 1st Class Dana Haizlip
Rank/Name: Airman 1st Class Dana Haizlip
Unit: 959th Inpatient Operation Squadron
Duty title: Inpatient Medical Technician
Time in Service: 1 year, 10 months
Hometown: San Diego, California
Airman 1st Class Dana Haizlip is an exceptional individual, having proven herself as a humble and exceptional follower through her work mentoring four of her peers as they complete upgrade training.  She improved the ambulatory patient scores by revising the flight’s vital sign forms and posting informational posters department-wide that patients follow and record their progress, which contributed to increased patient satisfaction scores from 76% to 92%, resulting in being awarded the Commander’s Cup. Haizlip’s exemplified military bearing when selected by the base color guard team, participating in the Heroes of Military Medicine Awards Dinner and the retirement ceremony of the 959th Medical Group superintendent.

Airman 1st Class Austin R. Starks-Saenz
Rank/Name: Airman 1st Class Austin R. Starks-Saenz

Unit: 59th Medical Specialty Squadron
Duty title: Medical Administrator
Time in Service: 1 year, 6 months
Hometown: Pompano Beach, Florida
Airman 1st Class Austin R. Starks-Saenz has proven himself as a valuable asset to the Multi-Specialty Clinic. Within the last month, he was acting non-commissioned officer of administration for one week, supporting three clinics and 742 appointments, rendering $166,130 in market revenue. He also guided the Army and Air Force Executive Health medicine, expediting 64 general officers returning to duty in less than 72 hours, enhancing strategic readiness. He assisted the flu line ops as the sole admin technician for two days checking out 917 patients and completing end-of-day tasks. He organized a squadron hospitality dinner for the Fisher House, supporting 20 families and led the flight in celebration of Respiratory Care Practitioner and Medical Admin Week by setting up three in-service training and logistics for lunch for two flights honoring 19 personnel.