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NEWS | May 12, 2022

MEDCoE exchange officer earns Australian Conspicuous Service Medal

By Tish Williamson U.S. Army Medical Center of Excellence Public Affairs

Lt. Col. Sara Molloy, an Australian exchange officer assigned to the Fielded Force Integration Directorate, U.S. Army Medical Center of Excellence, was awarded the Conspicuous Service Medal by the Australian Ambassador to the United States, the Honorable Arthur Sinodinos, during an investiture ceremony at the Embassy of Australia, Washington, D.C., March 31, 2022.

The Conspicuous Service Medal is a uniquely Australian medal, earned by Molloy for meritorious achievement in her previous work in her home country.

According to a Royal Australian Army Medical Corps (RAAMC) media release, “Lieutenant Colonel Molloy made an outstanding contribution in the development and execution of a Human Performance Program for both North Queensland and the Australian Army. Her outstanding leadership, interpersonal skills and expertise provided a holistic approach to improving cognitive and physical performance while reducing physical injuries and increasing resilience. The positive long-term effects on Soldiers and their physical and mental well-being will be an exceptional force multiplier for the Army in coming years."

Molloy is assigned to MEDCoE as part of an exchange agreement between the Army medical training and education institution and the RAAMC. According to Col. Jon Baker, FFID director, MEDCoE has had an Australian exchange program for more than 18 years. The MEDCoE typically sends a 72D Environmental Science Officer to Australia as part of the exchange.

“There is great efficacy in the exchange program since it allows the exchange of valuable experience and knowledge between Army Medicine and the Australian Army,” said Baker, who worked with an Australian medical doctor before Molloy, a medical service officer. “Both Officers were top-notch experts within their fields, and Sara exemplifies the best within the Australian Army.”

Molloy, who has close to 20 years of service in the Australian Army, has been assigned to the MEDCoE since 2020. At FFID, she is lead in developing options to enhance medical capabilities within the division as a Unit of Action, as well as refining and enhancing the medical capabilities in support of the Multi-Domain Task Force.

Baker said, “Sara has been invaluable to MEDCoE force modernization efforts.”

He describes Molloy as a significant contributor to the U.S. National Physical Activity Plan's (NPAP) Military Sector Expert Panel. “Lt. Col. Molloy's involvement in this panel proved invaluable in its charge to develop evidence-based strategies, tactics, and objectives that, if pursued, will yield improvements in the physical activity, fitness, health and readiness of U.S. service members, their families and veterans.”

Baker credits Molloy's superior subject matter expertise for allowing her to contribute highly comprehensive, actionable recommendations that will appear prominently throughout the panel’s published product pending final editorial review and public release expected later in 2022.

Molloy is as grateful for the experience she has had as an exchange officer as she is for the prestigious medal and recognition of her accomplishments by her home country.

“It is a great honor to be recognized for an organizational effort that is focused on our people,” Molloy said. “I have been fortunate to work with influential leaders, who have believed in a vision and empowered the team to achieve success.” She believes the honor would not have been possible without the brilliant ideas of her Soldiers, dedicated staff and the trust and autonomy invested in her by those she describes as inspirational leaders and mentors.

Molloy, who was recently selected for a Joint Medical Command in the Australian military, is acutely aware of the increase in credibility the award affords her. Molloy’s focus remains on her current job and how she may contribute to the U.S. and the Australian Army in the near future.

“In terms of what is next for me, I look forward to sharing what I have learned working with the U.S. Army and Medical Center of Excellence with my Australian counterparts,” Molloy said. “In a job where winning matters, strategic alliances and partnerships are critical, and it has been a great honor to serve with the U.S. Army.”

Molloy’s tenure with MEDCoE’s Fielded Force Integration Directorate ends in December 2022. To learn more about the MEDCoE visit https://medcoe.army.mil/.