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NEWS | March 16, 2022

59th MDW extends obstetric services

By Senior Airman Melody Bordeaux 59th Medical Wing Public Affairs

The Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center’s Women’s Health Clinic is now offering obstetric services to include prenatal and postpartum care and expanding services for walk-in patients.

The clinic’s walk-in services, available Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 to 11 a.m. and Tuesday and Thursday from 1 to 3 p.m., include pregnancy testing, sexually transmitted infection screenings, care for acute complaints and more.

The Patients In Need of Contraception, or PINC, clinic, is available Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30 to 11 a.m., covers all women’s birth control needs and offers patient education on available options.

“In the PINC clinic patients can get their birth control refills,” said Maj. Melissa Everage, 59th Medical Operations Squadron Women’s Health Clinic officer-in-charge. “If they want a contraceptive implant, which is a form of birth control implanted in the arm, they can walk-in, get it removed, replaced and they’re done. Anything that’s expired or a new prescription, requires a pregnancy test unless patients are on their menstrual cycle.”

The clinic provides counseling on all the birth control options.

“Women love it, some of them come in saying ‘No, I want this birth control’ but then they sit through the counseling and realize they didn’t know about all these other options and end up changing it,” Everage said.

In addition, the clinic informs patients who have a positive pregnancy test of the next steps and what changes they may go through.

“We offer an OB orientation, an introduction of what to expect during pregnancy and all the resources patients need,” Everage said . “From there we schedule their ultrasound and then an OB appointment.”

The ultrasound determines how far along a patient’s pregnancy is. During the OB appointment, the patient’s care plan is discussed and the provider looks at any possible risks. Providers inform patients what they should do in case of an emergency or if they have any concerns during their pregnancy. Patients who are pregnant and need to be seen urgently should seek treatment at Brooke Army Medical Center.

“If patients are bleeding, think their water broke or are less than 20 weeks pregnant and having any issues they need to go to BAMC’s emergency room,” Everage said. “If they’re over 20 weeks and have concerns they need to call Labor and Delivery.”

The WHASC does not provide invasive OB care such as delivery, fertility treatment, OB emergencies, hysterectomies or cervical cancer procedures. Patients seeking these services are seen at BAMC.

After patients give birth, they can continue their care at the WHASC’s Women’s Health Clinic.

“Patients who have had their baby and are coming in for their fourth or sixth week appointments can come here,” Everage said. “Appointments go over questions like ‘How are you doing as a new mom?’ ‘Are you up to date on your pap?’ ‘How is breastfeeding going?’ ‘Have you engaged in intercourse yet?’ ‘Are you sleeping?’”

The clinic also supports patients experiencing postpartum depression.

“We can ask the mom how she’s doing and provide depression screening for postpartum blues,” Everage said. “We offer them support and reassurance that they’re doing a great job.”

To make an appointment with the Women’s Health Clinic, call the Consult and Appointment Management Office at 210-916-9900.