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NEWS | July 26, 2021

Certain Special Warfare SNCOs eligible for retention bonus

By Toni Whaley Air Force’s Personnel Center Public Affairs

The Department of the Air Force will offer Selective Retention Bonuses, or SRBs, to a wider population of eligible Special Warfare senior noncommissioned officers, if they agree to continue serving for a minimum of three years.

As an exception to policy, the Air Force is offering this SRB to Pararescue (1Z1XX), Combat Control (1Z2XX), Tactical Air Control Party (1Z3XX) and Special Reconnaissance (1Z4XX) SNCOs who have completed more than 20 but less than 25 years of active duty, and are otherwise qualified.

The high OPSTEMPO and combat intensity experienced by these Air Force Specialty Codes, or AFSCs, makes it difficult to stabilize SNCO manning at sustainable levels. The experience SNCOs provide is key to executing the Air Force mission and ensuring highly trained and qualified Special Warfare Airmen for the future.

The bonus amount for a three-year service agreement is $50,000. The amount for four years is $75,000 and a five-year service agreement is $125,000.

“The SRB program is a monetary incentive paid to active duty Airmen serving in certain selected military skills who reenlist for additional obligated service,” said Michael McLaughlin, Reenlistment Policy and Procedures administrator. “The bonus is intended to encourage the retention of enlisted personnel in military skills with either demonstrated retention shortfalls or high training costs.”

Under this new authority, master sergeants and senior master sergeants accepting this bonus with 20-plus years of service may also be eligible for a High Year of Tenure adjustment up to 25 or 27 years of service, respectively.

Eligible Airmen may execute this bonus agreement anytime during their enlistment, provided they are not currently receiving a bonus.

This bonus is effective July 22, 2021 and retroactive payments are not authorized.

For more information regarding the SRB program, visit the myPers website or contact your local Military Personnel Flight, Career Development section.