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NEWS | June 17, 2021

JBSA First Sergeant Diamond Sharp Awards

Joint Base San Antonio First Sergeants Council

The Diamond Sharp Award is sponsored by the Joint Base San Antonio First Sergeants Council and recognizes outstanding Airmen who continually exceed the standard to meet the Air Force mission.

Staff Sgt. Joshua W. Dillman
Rank/Name: Staff Sgt. Joshua W. Dillman
Unit: 802nd Security Forces Squadron
Duty Title: Patrolman

Staff Sgt. Joshua W. Dillman is an active member of the Guardians of the Children association, serving as an advocate and liaison to physically and sexually abused children of Bexar County. Currently, the organization works with 50 families and 98 children within the local area, attending court cases and standing beside these children to be their voice and to assist them during stressful times. As road captain to the Guardians of the Children, he organized an eight-hour motorcycle safety course for 21 riders. He has donated more than 40 volunteer hours, with activities ranging from adoptions to public prevention events.

Staff Sgt. Isaiah Ondler
Rank/Name: Staff Sgt. Isaiah Ondler
Unit: Joint Personal Property Shipping Office
Duty Title: Movement Support Lead, Scheduling Team

Staff Sgt. Isaiah Ondler manages the Inbound Personal Property Scheduling Team, coordinating deliveries to 1,300 customers and provides quality assurance for more than 18,000 shipments. In May, he assisted 390 customers, orchestrating 133 deliveries while saving the government $10,000 in storage costs. Ondler also tended to the property of four fallen service members, alleviating hardship to their next of kin. In addition, he enforced 103 Letters of Warning for late shipments and reweigh non-performance. Ondler also volunteered three hours to Adopt-A-Highway community clean-up.

Staff Sgt. Aaron J. Smith
Rank/Name: Staff Sgt. Aaron J. Smith
Unit: 502nd Security Forces Squadron
Duty Title: NCOIC, Supply

Staff Sgt. Aaron J. Smith took on additional responsibilities as unit deployment manager while the primary program manager was on paternity leave. Just days after he was tasked, Smith took charge of the program and self-taught himself, while spearheading all required readiness scheduling, training, and weapons qualifications. He ensured 22 Defenders were prepped to deploy to five separate areas of responsibility on two separate continents. While also fulfilling his primary duties as supply NCOIC, Smith never wavered and stepped up to take on primary and essential volunteer positions during the unit’s Police Week activities.

Senior Airman Brian E. Diezel
Rank/Name: Senior Airman Brian E. Diezel
Unit: 616th Air Communications Squadron
Duty Title: Virtual Clients Technician

Senior Airman Brian E. Diezel delivered outstanding service as a virtual clients technician, directly impacting the security and user experience of 496 users and 1,500 workstations on three enclaves. During this time, Diezel led a team of four military/contractor personnel resolving 65 tickets. He was crucial to the shop’s continuity since members were on Restriction of Movement and emergency leave. He was instrumental in the stand-up of 33 desks at an underutilized building, enabling the return of 16 teleworking members to the office. Diezel also created and reviewed six how-to guides for the use of 10 other Airmen.


Airman 1st Class Edreyi Mendez
Rank/Name: Airman 1st Class Edreyi Mendez
Unit: 353rd Special Warfare Training Squadron
Duty Title: Administrative Technician

Airman 1st Class Edreyi Mendez consistently displays outstanding leadership and professionalism. While performing duties as a staff sergeant during a non-commissioned officer shortage, he led the unit’s commander’s support staff section, managing programs including decorations, evaluations, leave, sponsorship, and special duty assignment pay. He revised the in-processing procedures by creating a tracking system that significantly reduced in-processing time. Additionally, he reviewed 41 officers/enlisted performance reports and revamped the squadron’s data tracker by reconciling more than 1,000 documents for 368 members, providing the Commander with a snapshot of the squadron’s status. Lastly, he assisted in improving the squadron’s government travel card program diminishing delinquencies by 17%.