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NEWS | Feb. 10, 2021

JBSA First Sergeant Diamond Sharp Awards

By Joint Base San Antonio First Sergeants Council Joint Base San Antonio First Sergeants Council

The Diamond Sharp Award is sponsored by the Joint Base San Antonio First Sergeants Council and recognizes outstanding Airmen who continually exceed the standard to meet the Air Force mission.

Rank/Name: Tech. Sgt. Willester House
Unit: 833rd Cyberspace Operations Squadron
Duty Title: Cyber Maintenance Technician

Tech. Sgt. Willester House has shown exemplary effort, spearheading multiple time-critical tasks for the Cyber National Mission Force and U.S. Cyber Command. He voluntarily filled in as a squadron representative for the wing operation and intelligence meetings and continues to play a key role in preparing the squadron's many programs for an Air Combat Command Inspector General's visit. Willester dedicates his time to mentoring younger Airmen on his flight on emergent cyber operator competencies. His dedication to the mission, and ability to excel outside of his core functional area is noticed by the entire unit.

Rank/Name: Tech. Sgt. Anastasia A. Miller
Unit: Air Force Services Center
Duty Title: Air Force Food and Beverage Manager

As manager of the Air Force Food and Beverage training program, Tech. Sgt. Anastasia A. Miller created the first online food managers course, allowing for the continuing education of 2,700 3F1 Airmen during COVID-19. She was key in modernizing Seymour Johnson Air Force Base’s dining facility, installing four point-of-sales systems for the Food 2.0 transition, enabling a $2.5 million dollar renovation project and improving the quality of life for 6,000 service members. Selected for the Air Force Installation Mission Support Center's Diversity and Inclusion panel, she attacked social injustice issues and broke barriers for 2,000 Airmen.

Rank/Name: Staff Sgt. Kaitlyn S. Henderson
Unit: 375th Cyberspace Operations Squadron
Duty Title: NCOIC, All Source Intelligence Analyst Cell

Staff Sgt. Kaitlyn S. Henderson is a highly motivated leader. As NCOIC, she expertly leads a low-density, high-demand intelligence cell responsible for a robust U.S. Cyber Command mission set. When her Cyber Mission Team needed someone to manage their training program, Henderson answered the call and had an immediate impact, which led to 58 Cyber-Intel qualified warriors and zero mission shortfalls. Henderson also extended her servant leadership toolkit by becoming a certified suicide "first responder" by completing ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training), equipping herself with the confidence and competence to help prevent the immediate risk of suicide.

Rank/Name: Staff Sgt. Matthew S. Kramer
Unit: Special Warfare Training Support Squadron
Duty Title: NCOIC, Project Management

As the linchpin of his flight, Staff Sgt. Matthew S. Kramer not only leads numerous Airmen but manages multiple programs that directly impact the effectiveness of Special Warfare operators. He led the implementation of the Special Warfare Online and augmented reality platform to assist operators in developing advanced skills in land warfare and recognition of enemy air defense systems and networks.

Rank/Name: Senior Airman Aaron Gonzalez
Unit: 502nd Security Forces Squadron
Duty Title: Base Defense Operations Controller

Senior Airman Aaron Gonzalez has gone above and beyond to showcase his leadership after returning from a deployment to Prince Sultan Air Base, Saudi Arabia. He has operated above his pay grade by being one of two Senior Airmen certified in the unit on the position of Base Defense Operations Controller. He also filled in for his supervisor while on leave and led three Airmen and two programs. He has continued his education and completed nine credits towards his bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Rank/Name: Senior Airman Seth Z. Hicks
Unit: 502nd Operations Support Squadron
Duty title: Airfield Management Shift Lead

Senior Airman Seth Z. Hicks played a key part in the Commander in Chief Installation Excellence Award briefing. He was hand-selected by leadership to brief the award panel on last year’s hurricane evacuation bed-downs as well as COVID-19 operations to include the Basic Military Training Air Bridge. Hicks was highlighted by another senior NCO who complimented his ability to brief senior leaders with the knowledge, enthusiasm, and delivery usually seen from seasoned leaders and subject matter experts.

Rank/Name: Senior Airman Tariana Pedraza
Unit: 59th Dental Squadron
Duty title: Dental Assistant

Senior Airman Tariana Pedraza directs daily operations as the infection control representative for the Base Dental Services flight.  She shows herself as a leader by enforcing, practicing and teaching infection control techniques and standards to 65 members. Pedraza also works with the 37th Training Wing where she screened and took radiographs for 400 Special Warfare Airman. Pedraza pursues her education in her spare time, currently enrolled in a master’s of science program where she is pursuing her computer science and engineering degree. She is also nine flying hours away from receiving her pilot’s license. 

Rank/Name: Senior Airman Hyun Mung Seo
Unit: 59th Dental Supporting Squadron
Duty Title: Dental Lab Technician

Senior Airman Hyun Mung Seo enthusiastically trained and became a subject matter expert for computer-aided design and manufacturing. She also consistently conducts preventive maintenance for state of the art equipment. Seo guides 12 junior lab technicians on digital crown fabrication. She also oversees the safety of 68 squadron members and is a unit fitness program manager. Additionally, she facilitates the $48,152 computer milling room for 97 doctors and 32 lab technicians. Seo also scored 97 percent on her 7-level career development course exam.

Rank/Name: Airman 1st Class Cheyenne Codnor-Perry
Unit: 35th Intelligence Squadron
Duty Title: Cyber Systems Operations

Airman 1st Class Cheyenne Codnor-Perry has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to the mission, team members and the 35th Intelligence Squadron. Since her arrival a few months ago, Codnor-Perry has been laser-focused on overhauling standard operating procedures, improving workflow processes and providing critical hands-on Cyber Support to Intel Analysts. She is also a key member of the 35th IS Sponsorship Program, responsible for welcoming new Airmen. Her actions have increased productivity and solidified the unit’s cohesion and promotion of the “Bulldog” standard.

Rank/Name: Airman 1st Class Leanna L. Garcia
Unit: 93rd Intelligence Squadron
Duty title: Cryptologic Language Analyst

Airman 1st Class Leanna L. Garcia has performed exceptionally as a cryptologic language analyst, intercepting adversary networks and communications.  She attended two tradecraft seminars and submitted five intelligence reports, identifying six suspects critical to a Federal Bureau of Investigation case. She highlighted adversary attempts to undermine political stability. Garcia also attended an effective leadership styles seminar and led four Airmen at the San Antonio Food Bank, packaging 3,000 pounds of food for neighbors in need.

Rank/Name: Airman 1st Class Corey M. Gott
Unit: 453rd Electronic Warfare Squadron
Duty title: Electronic Warfare Analyst

As an electronic intelligence analyst, Airman 1st Class Corey M. Gott leads a four-member team to review thousands of signals worldwide discovering radars capable of targeting our combat Air Forces. He has been hand-picked for his technical competency to turn an Air Combat Command idea into a reality. He uses his off time to volunteer in our community and was voted to be the squadron’s booster club president.

Rank/Name: Airman Sancedric D. Cade
Unit:  Joint Personal Property Shipping Office-South Central
Duty title:  Personal Property Invoicing Technician

Airman Sancedric D. Cade validates invoices submitted by 1,100 transportation service providers for services rendered across 31 installations. In January, he obligated $10 million in government expenditure and single-handedly approved 4,000 invoices. He also enforced carrier reweigh requirements, collecting $11,700 in non-performance fees. Cade also authorized 23 stimulus packages valued at $16,400 to sustain the industry during pandemic operations. Lastly, he denied 74 discrepant charges, saving the Department of Defense $202,000.