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NEWS | Oct. 15, 2020

Commentary: Cake with persistence

By Tech. Sgt. Kris Dube Robert D. Gaylor NCO Academy

Persistence keeps you moving. 

It is a drive within you that helps to steer you toward your goals. 

A lesson of persistence was given to me by my child after my husband baked a pumpkin candied pecan torte.  

That evening for dinner, we tried one of those ordered meal services, you know, the one where everything comes in the box and all you have to do is follow the recipe. As my family sat down, my youngest son, who was three at the time, dug into his green beans. I thought this was odd because my husband and I usually have to enter into negotiations with him when any green food is involved. 

However, that night was different. As I asked my son if he liked his meal, he quickly responded with a mouthful of food, “No!”

I was surprised as he continued to chew and swallow more green beans and reach for even more. I asked him the same question, and again received the same response, “NO!” So, I asked, “Why?” His reply was simple, “Cake.”  

It is so easy to lose sight of a goal or give up and stop trying when you reach a barrier. When this happens, we should stop and evaluate how the consequences of that decision will impact the end goal and imagine how sweet that achievement will be. Consider your drive and will to accomplish the tasks you are facing, and persist! Just as my son unknowingly did, he knew what was waiting for him at the end of his meal and had the determination to finish his green beans. 

At the end of the day, my little man was teaching me a lesson about persistence and keeping my eye on the prize. Despite the tasks given at work, the amount of homework for classes, and the urge to hit the pause button, I remember that at the end of every goal is my “cake” waiting for me.  

When life’s obstacles become daunting and you want to call a time-out, remember there is “cake” waiting, as long as you have the persistence to get through this moment.