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NEWS | Oct. 8, 2020

JBSA First Sergeant Diamond Sharp Awards

By Joint Base San Antonio First Sergeants Council Joint Base San Antonio First Sergeants Council

The Diamond Sharp Award is sponsored by the Joint Base San Antonio First Sergeants Council and recognizes outstanding Airmen who continually exceed the standard to meet the Air Force mission.

Rank/Name: Senior Airman Robert E. Jackson
Unit: 502nd Operations Support Squadron
Job Title: Air Traffic Controller
Senior Airman Robert E. Jackson is a highly motivated and dedicated air traffic controller and his skillset has set him apart from his peers at JBSA-Kelly Tower, serving as a head trainer for 3-level upgrade training. Jackson always puts his Airmen ahead of himself and has showcased strong leadership and mentorship qualities. He not only strives to excel in the workplace but has also dedicated many hours to local volunteer and community outreach programs. His moral character is always on display and has resulted in him being recognized as a premier mentor within the 502nd Operations Support Squadron.

Rank/Name: Staff Sgt. Brandon J. Harris
Unit: 802nd Security Forces Squadron
Job Title: Installation Patrolman
Staff Sgt. Brandon J. Harris has improved the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of 58 flight members. Harris’ warm heart and drive to strengthen community bonds, included leading the flight’s Stockings for Foster Children rally, bringing together several members in fostering hope for those financially impacted by the pandemic. Harris also facilitated Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Car Wash for Kids’ Sake event, with the organization raising $25,000 dollars to further strong and enduring relationships between children facing adversity and their mentors.

Rank/Name: Staff Sgt. Jennifer Lloyd
Unit: 318th Cyberspace Operation Group, Det. 2
Job Title: NCOIC, Cyber Integration
Staff Sgt. Jennifer Lloyd worked with the 414th Combat Training Squadron to support the Neptune Hawk exercise, enabling cyber integration and the development of a realistic contested threat environment to meet major command exercise objectives. She built and instructed an offensive non-kinetic academic course to drive all-domain integration among exercise participants and also led a team of offensive cyber operators through mission planning and execution of the 32nd Weapons Squadron Offensive Cyber Operations training event. Her team developed Air Force Tactics, Techniques and Procedures, or TTPs, for a new $9 million “Bleeding-Edge” capability and validated those TTPs through the successful execution of an operation where they remained undetected. Those TTPs are being codified for tactical units to utilize to minimize the effects of a real-world peer-adversary threat system against deployed military members and U.S. information technology systems.

Rank/Name: Staff Sgt. Haily Hernandez
Unit: 375th Cyberspace Operations Squadron
Job Title: Cyber Mission Forces Training Manager
As a training manager, Staff Sgt. Haily Hernandez secured training for more than 200 United States Cyber Command personnel, spanning nine diverse work roles. Hernandez also led her team in developing a detailed training catalog that clearly outlined a professional development roadmap to allow all Airman to maintain technical proficiencies while teleworking, enabling the unit to re-vector more than $200,000 to mission-essential training. Hernandez has also leveraged her skills and expertise as a resiliency instructor and became a sexual assault prevention & response coordinator for the squadron. 

Rank/Name: Staff Sgt. Jesse E. Sengsouk
Unit: 502nd Security Forces Squadron 
Job Title: Base Defense Operation Center operator
Staff Sgt. Jessie E. Sengsouk increased his leadership responsibility this month by 40 percent when he covered down for his supervisor to take leave. During that time, he diligently worked with one Airman to dramatically improve the Airman’s duty performance and corrected a trend of negative behavior, working three other base agencies to reduce marriage and financial stressors. His hard work guided the Airman back to full duty performance and ensured the unit was able to fulfill its law and order operation mission. Sengsouk also volunteered to switch his duty schedule from dayshift to nightshift to assist another defender, mitigating childcare concerns for a fellow NCO.

Rank/Name: Staff Sgt. Carissa Lauffenburger
Unit: Air Force Services Center
Job Title: Food and Beverage Technician
Staff Sergeant Carissa Lauffenburger produced COVID-19 feeding guidelines for 12 managers at five dining facilities, enabling the production of 265,000 meals. She created 17 new recipes in an effort to provide healthier options and nutritious meals at 261 dining facilities worldwide. She also managed the Air Force Services Center’s Food & Beverage Portal, maintaining 38 dashboards and updating 287 portfolios, while approving 1,300 access requests, in support of 86 installations. Lauffenburger validated the Air Force Services MICT & Attachment Three Tool assessments for 96 dining facilities, scrutinizing 224 inspection line items for 21 operations, ensuring 16 Force Support Squadrons met Air Force IG requirements.

Rank/Name: Staff Sgt. Rodolfo Galvan
Air Force Life Cycle Management Center Cryptologic and Cyber Systems Division
Job Title: Cyber Transport Technician
Staff Sgt. Rodolfo Galvan led a six-member team to repair 934 airborne tactical radios for five different combat commands. This enabled more than 500,000 square miles of intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance throughout the area of responsibility. He also organized a food bank drive that distributed 3,000 meals to 750 families for Hurricane Laura relief. Galvan also modified local work card procedures that increased production efficiency while reducing completion time from four weeks to two.

Rank/Name: Tech. Sgt. Andrew M. Johnson
Unit: 833rd Cyberspace Operations Squadron
Job Title: Cyber Warfare Operator
In his new position as the squadron’s unit deployment manager, Tech. Sgt. Andrew M. Johnson was the driving force in the successful deployment of 28 airmen from across three cyber squadrons on short-notice taskings of less than 30 days from initial notification to boots on the ground in the deployed location. Johnson liaised with five different agencies across multiple wings and two different major commands. He also administered the aggregation of a comprehensive Official Passport and Government Travel Card tracking system for 113 personnel. Johnson excelled at resolving mission constraints by coordinating with stranded operators at the deployed locations, NATO countries and civilian airlines to get mission elements on target and on time.

Rank/Name: Tech. Sgt. Michael S. Woodard
Unit: Joint Personal Property Shipping Office
Job Title: NCOIC, Quality Assurance Compliance
Tech. Sgt. Michael S. Woodard is a highly motivated leader who has a tremendous impact within his duty section. In September, he planned and directed daily operations for seven joint-service military and civilian personnel and oversaw the inspection of 1,019 shipments. His inspectors uncovered 1,306 tender violations and levied the appropriate punitive actions, resulting in the suspension of 25 commercial carriers and establishing the standard of adherence for all transportation service providers. Additionally, he accounted for 95 zip codes across Bexar County and established seven inspection zones, reducing travel time for assigned inspectors, and conserving 10 man-hours weekly.